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First Connect

Region 5 WIA Youth Orientation

Billy Reddick

on 17 May 2014

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Transcript of First Connect

First Connect
Get Connected

Eligibility Criteria

Step 3: Get Connected

Step 1: Register with Employ Florida Marketplace
Step 2: Attend Group Registration

How do I Sign Up?


Expectations for Participants

Attend (1) monthly workshop and/or 4 consecutive appointments with Specialist as scheduled
Volunteer at least 30 hours per month
Refer a peer who enrolls in the program and completes all 10 modules of “GetConnected”
Obtain a job while enrolled in the program.
Show me the money
$25 Incentives

WE Interest Session conducted 1st and 3rd weeks monthly
WE placements based upon acquiring professional skills in your identified career interests
WE promotional opportunities available based upon work performance and CS recommendation
Initial WE placements last 10 weeks, but can extend to 16 weeks based on work performance

Work Experience (WE)

Module 6
Resume and Cover Letters
Module 7
Resume and Cover Letters cont.
Module 8
Fashion Show
Module 9
Spend It, Save It, Give It
Module 10
Time to Celebrate

Modules 6-10

Get Connected is an interactive 10-Module program geared towards helping you become educationally and professionally prepared for the workforce.

Building Connections
Personal and professional development activities that are completed by YOU!

Get Plugged In
Leadership development sessions that are taught by a Career Specialist.

What is ‘Get Connected’?

These services are delivered through the following:

Job Search Assistance: Resume Prep, Mock Interviewing, etc.
Leadership Development Workshops (Life Skills, Soft Skills)
Employability Workshops
Paid Work Experience, Paid Volunteering
Professional Events: Spotlight, Career Fairs, On-Site Interviews

Pre-Employment Services

These services are delivered through the following:
Educational Enrichment
Goal Setting/Individual Service Strategies
Supportive Services
Educational Scholarships

WIA Services

Priority # 1 – We want to help you obtain your educational goals.

A sufficient educational background leads to sufficient employment.

WIA Priorities

The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) is a federally-funded employment and training program.

The program is designed to provide access to the services, support, and skills needed to secure and maintain a competitive job in today’s labor market.

What is the
Workforce Investment Act (WIA)?


Job search database
Research Careers
Research Education and Training programs
Create Professional Resumes & Letters

Employ Florida

Professional and Educational guidance
Connect with Community Partners
Celebrate your victories!!!

Expectations for
Career Specialist

Financial Incentives
Increased Reading & Math Scores
Scholarships for education & training
Skills needed to successfully gain permanent employment
Work Experience

What’s In It For Me?

Module 1
Program Overview
Module 2
Module 3
Applications and Resumes
Module 4
Smart Social Media
Module 5
Interviews and Dress for Success

Modules 1-5

Priority # 2: We want to help you prepare to enter the labor market.

A sufficient professional background leads to sufficient employment.

WIA Priorities

By the end of this Orientation, you should:

Understand the purpose of the First Connect Program
Understand the eligibility requirements to participate in the WIA Youth Program
Understand what is required of all participants once accepted into the First Connect Program
Be aware of the value and benefits of the First Connect Program


Must be between the ages of 16-21
18 and older applicants and participants must be registered with Selective Service.
Receives Public Assistance
Below or at 70% of LLSIL
Foster Child
Applicants with a documented disability
Basic Skills Deficient
School Dropout
Homeless, Runaway or Foster Child
Pregnant or Parenting Youth
Local 6th Barrier
Citizenship/ Authorization to Work
Must be a citizen or eligible to work in the US
Region 5 Resident
Must be a resident of Region 5
Region 5 Counties
Show Me The Money $50 Incentives
Take Post-test before anniversary date and complete at least 5 hours of tutoring.
Enroll in Adult Ed program
Maintain employment 2nd and 3rd quarter after exit.
Maintain enrollment 2nd and 3rd quarter after exit.
Show me the money
$25 Incentives Cont.

Enrolled in GED or an Approved Training
Attend school on a regular basis, one absence max per month for up to 12 months.
High School Students
Attend school on a regular basis, one absence max per 9 weeks.
Show Me The Money
$100 Incentives
Complete all 10 modules of “Get Connected” Program
Earn a HS Diploma, GED, or Post-Secondary degree/certificate.
Be employed within the 1st quarter after exit.
Score a 9 or higher on the TABE Pre or Post Test

Show Me The Money
$100 Incentives cont.
Be employed within the 1st quarter after exit.
Enter Post-Secondary Education or advanced training and be enrolled within the 1st quarter after exit.
Earn a GED or Post-Secondary Education degree/certificate by the 3rd quarter after exit if the participant’s case closed without attaining one.
Show me the money
$25 Incentives Cont.
Complete 10 hours of Tutoring/WIN coursework
Meet a goal on your Service Plan not otherwise listed as an incentive on Bonus Plan
Grades – C or better in all subjects.
Follow up with Specialist after program completion
Show Me The Money $75 Incentives
Make a literacy/numeracy functional level gain
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