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Technology of the future.

No description

Micki Peacock

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Technology of the future.

Technology of the Future.
Soon to become a place where technology controls the way of many people's life. Complicated technology installed designed to make living simpler and much more enjoyable.
Robotic engineers are designing the next generation of robots to look, feel and act more human, to make it easier for us to warm up to a cold machine.
Military Robots
By Micki Peacock 9T
Fingerprint Scanners
You no longer need to worry about losing your keys. With smart fingerprint identity you will have an easy access into your home without the hastle of keys.
Doubling up as a mirror and tv screen, this certain piece of technology allows you to easily catch up on TV while on the go, if it's to find out the latest news or weather or just to play some music whilst you get ready.
Smart Mirror
A touch screen tablet which would be found mainly in the kitchen that helps you to easily add things to your shopping list or just change the lighting mood and music around the house.
Smart Board
Paying for your shopping is now easier than ever. Purchasing groceries online using the smart board, then using a fingerprint scan the payment is confirmed.
Bills and Shopping
The entire house will work using home automation. Every electrical device in your home will work from one, easy to use system. The system would not only be accessible from a central screen in the house, but will also be connected to your smart phone. Therefore, all devices can be fully controlled remotely, wherever you are in the world.
Most homes in the future with be equiped with some of the most hi-tech gadgets around. You will be able to control just about anything by touchscreen. You will literally have everything at your fingertips!
Equipment and touchscreening
Fuel efficient, zero emission vehicles will use high tech electronics to assist drivers in a wide variety of ways. Vehicles will communicate with each other, with the road and with traffic signals.
Hydrogen Fuel Cells
In the near future, hydrogen fuel cells will change our lives. These fuel cells will power our vehicles, homes and offices more efficiently and will be less harmful to the environment than traditional energy sources. Fuel cells using pure hydrogen do not emit any air pollutants or greenhouse gases
Future of robotics
The ultimate goal of the RoboCup project is to develop a team of fully autonomous humanoid robots that can win against the human world champion team in soccer by the year 2050.
Military robots are autonomous robots or remote-controlled devices designed for military applications
US Mechatronics has produced a working automated sentry gun and is currently developing it further for commercial and military use.
MIDARS, a four-wheeled robot outfitted with several cameras, radar, and possibly a firearm, that automatically performs random or preprogrammed patrols around a military base or other government installation. It alerts a human overseer when it detects movement in unauthorized areas, or other programmed conditions. The operator can then instruct the robot to ignore the event, or take over remote control to deal with an intruder, or to get better camera views of an emergency.
The wolds most advanced Humanoid Robot.
ASIMO represents years of research in many scientific fields like Mathematics, Physics - the study of motion - and Anatomy - the study of the human body structure.
- Are when we look at whether things that happen are against the law.
- Are when we look at whether things that happen are considered as wrong or unfair.
- Are when things happen that change
the way we live our lives.
House hold robots of the future may not make such a difference to the younger generation. However, i think that eventually, they may be very useful for elderly people and they should help to make their daily life routines a lot easier.
Taking the social reason into consideration; obviously high-tech robots would be very expensive, so would it be fair for only wealthy people to have them to help? Would this mean the less wealthy will receive no help once they become elderly?
Many legal robots are already used around the world. Once household robots are trialled and proven to be safe for the use of humans, they will become a legal part of everyday future life.
If robots become carers for the elderly, will they take over the job of human carers?
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