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What is Narrative Therapy?

A short presentation including an overview of some of the key ideas, practices and assumptions informing a narrative approach to therapeutic and community work.

Mark Gordon

on 24 March 2012

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Transcript of What is Narrative Therapy?

narrative therapy
narrative practices
narrative approach a pressure to know
to be the expert
to provide solutions
weight of these requirements
linked to their history, culture and context the skills, abilities, knowledges, dreams, plans and hopes www.cliftoncentre.com
forums key narrative concepts People always respond to hardship these responses have a foundation tracing the history of what people give value to based on what a person gives value to linked to history, relationships and culture our lives are multi-storied
placing events into sequences, through time
- linked to a particular theme. developing rich alternative stories dominant & alternative storylines linked to values
linked to cultural traditions
linked to actions in the present
linked to the history of these values
linked to significant people / places / pets / toys providing a foundation for a person to proceed in life Gathering a community of co-authors identity is a social and relational product
the conclusions we have about who we are have been negotiated in communities of people. weaving lives together provides a bridge to
history, culture, family and community Group storytelling recruiting an audience Michael White
David Epston Reference for this presentation:
Direct quotes and ideas for this presentation have
been taken from the following text.
'Raising our heads above the clouds: the use of narrative practices to motivate social action and economic development.
The work of the Caleb Wakhungu and the Mt Elgon Self-Help COmmunity Project'. Edited by David Denborough. Ideas for further reading and practice.

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