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Performance Team

No description

Fazal Syed

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Performance Team

Performance Team
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Where are we now?
Mission Statement
Value of Performance Team
How can we add more value?
Create copies of Peter and Fazal by getting people on a rotation basis from TPS and DEV.
Create levels in Performance Team
Fix the root cause of performance issues
Level 3
Level 2 +

Database Administration

SQL - 70-462
Oracle - 1Z0-052
Level 2
Level 1 +

SQL Fundamentals

SQL Certification - 70-461
Oracle Certification - 1Z0-051

Setup PPSS optimally

Identify SQL bottlenecks
Oracle - Generate AWR Report
SQL - Run SQL Profiler

Application Level
Follow macro to micro approach
Use profiling tools like AppDynamics
Have a smooth process to tackle performance issues
Reduce customer reported performance issues
Filter out noise from actual performance issues
Knowledge sharing
Make Application Performance a first class citizen throughout the entire PROS organization.
Packages we offer
Performance Tuning
Database Migration
Performance Assessment
5 working days per non-production environment

7 working days per production environment(including weekend)

2 resources
5 working days(more if travel is required)

1 resource
10 - 15 works days depending on scope of benchmark

1 - 2 resources
2 working days(minimum), longer if require setting up environment, DB etc.
1 resource
10 - 15 working days depending on scope

1 - 2 resources
Create Database Objects
Work with data
Modify Data
Troubleshoot and optimize
Install and configure
Maintain instances and databases
Optimize and troubleshoot
Manage data
Implement security
Implement high availability
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