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What kind of media institution might distribute your Thriller and why?

One of the questions from our evaluation

Miriam Hogg

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of What kind of media institution might distribute your Thriller and why?

Is Our Thriller Mainstream Or Independent? What Other Ways Can We Distribute, Other Than Cinema? What Distribution Method Is Best For Our Thriller Mainstream thrillers generally follow the genres conventions without challenging them
Independent thrillers often challenge conventional genres and have controversial narrative structures. Our thriller used similar elements from:
- Layer Cake
- Essex Boys
- The Black Dahlia
- The Third Man Which are Mainstream films This means that our thiller is mainstream as it has elements from other mainstream films and as such would get funding from companies like Universal or Vivendi and could be distributed in mainstream cinemas such as Vue Other ways of distributing our thriller could be online via the internet which would make it more accessable to our target audience The TV would be a good distribution method but we would have to put it on channels that our target audience like such as:




Film 4 Youtube MegaVideo iTunes The Criminal themes would mean that the film would have to be on past 9pm, most likely at 10pm or 11pm as our target audience generally like to stay up a bit later. FaceBook Viral advertising could be a good way to get lots of our target audience to view the thriller opening. Viewers can comment and give feedback about the thriller so we can see how well recieved it was. The best method of distributing our thriller is a combination of cinema, internet and TV What kind of media institution might distribute our thriller and why? Most mainstream films come out in the cinema first because they are heavily advertised by the companies to ensure that the target audience knows about the film. Because our target audience is late teen to young adult of both genders, the thriller would need to be advertised at them, the best way to do this is to market virally using Facebook and Youtube to show pictures and trailers. But it would still end up being shown foremost in the cinema before being distributed to other places for exhibition such as TV and the internet This is because the internet is widely accessable by our target audience, so it is the easiest way to advertise in this way but our audience still prefer to view new films in the cinema so we combined both to make the best of our resources.
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