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D's Rockers

No description

Craig Denison

on 15 August 2016

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Transcript of D's Rockers

D's Rockers
About them Rockers
Offer a regular and tall/wide sized rockers
The cost to buy one
Regular - $1500

Tall and Wide - $1700
If I produce 7 of the regular and 8 of the tall for a total profit of $19, 475

Lend me an additional $30,000 to expand my basement and get some new employees.
Small pillow included
Have your choice of the type of wood
Cost of Raw Materials

Wood - $200
Rope - $50
Screws - $5
Profit - $1245
Cost of Raw Materials

Wood - $300
Rope - $50
Screws - $5

Profit - $1345
Maximum production
Regular - 12

Tall and Wide - 8
The maximum amount that I can store in my "ware"house is 15.
Warehouse = my basement
Have three employees on staff
Each makes $15/hr
And works 40 hours a week
That's a total of $7200 a month
So, to cover their pay I need to make:
at least 6 Regular
at least 6 Tall and Wide
My Decision Variables

x = # of Regular Chairs
y = # of Tall and Wide
My Constraints
x < 12 and y < 8
x + y < 15
x > 6 and y > 6


Sales price = $1500
Material cost = $255
Sales Price = $1700
Cost of Materials = $355
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