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Transcript of CCSF

Centro Comunitario Santa Fe
Main Idea
Development in México
CCSF proyect proposition
UNDP 2015 reports puts Mexico with a number of 0.74 qualified as a high HDI.

The states are pretty uneven with Mexico City as the highest one.

Luisa Quinzaños
Arantza Gelabert
Karla Ramírez
Amartya Sen says:

- Development: Freedom + Porgress
- Poverty limits people.
- Lack of social facilities, social are
and education limit people.
- Positive influence and encouragement from institutitons of the government and civil organizations gives liberty to participate and take decisions
- Institutions help to improve HDI
"The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) emphasizes that people and their skills are the most important for assessing a country's development criteria. From this perspective, development is conceived as the expansion of free individuals, among which three dimensions are essential: enjoy a long and healthy life, to acquire knowledge and achieve a decent standard of living." (UNDP 1990 )
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