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No description

on 13 May 2014

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LLAMAS Adaptations
-LLAMAS can breathe air that is so thin there is only 40% of oxygen
-Different grass for most animals to digest,but LLAMAS are able to adapt to harsh conditions
-LLAMAS can also live without water like camels
-Live on high altitudes and can breathe thin air while LLAMAS are on a high mountain
-Mountain Lions
-Snow Leopards
-Also Humans
Humans used to hunt LLAMS for their wool and meat.
My project on LLAMAS
First of all,what I'm doing for the adaptation project are LLAMAS because I wanted to discover LLAMAS. Because some people have talked about LLAMAS and because I like LLAMAS. :)
Body Facts
-LLAMAS have thick fur made out of wool & keeps them warm
-Blood helps the LLAMA take up oxygen
on high mountains

-Ball like bottoms on their feet that make them great mountain climbers
Apparently LLAMAS don,t have PREY.Because on the website I was on said LLAMS are herbivores which means they only eat plants,so they don,eat meat or other animals.
Do you think that this species will survive climate change?
Yes.Becuase of how e LLAMA can survive 40% of air when the LLAMA is on high mountains.Also the LLAMAS would be great at climbing and how much food and water it could hold.
BY:Melanie Sanchez
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