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Love Your Body

No description

Tara Pangle

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of Love Your Body


A Movement to Promote
POSsitive Body Image in the Media

Presented by
Alexa, Lena, Jada, & Tara

Literature Review
Defining Beauty within the establishment

Nebo Cigarettes used the debate of women’s right to vote to their advantage
- “If a Suffragette sasses you. Don’t answer back. Gently light a Nebo the gloriously good cigarette. Watch her eyes grow dreamy. Hear her sigh: ‘I wish I were a man’”

In the 1970’s, a series of airline commercials use a female flight attendant as a sexual object.
- National Airlines debuted the slogan ‘Fly Me’ in the early 1970’s, which featured
- ‘I'm going to fly you like you've never been flown before.’”

The Mother’s Movement,
“Hollywood and the fashion, cosmetics and diet industries work hard to make each of us believe that our bodies are unacceptable and need constant improvement. Print ads and television commercials reduce us to body parts— lips, legs, breast — airbrushed and touched up to meet impossible standards. TV shows tell women and teenage girls that cosmetic surgery is good for self-esteem”
(Tucker, 2004).
The Love YOUR Body Movement hopes to shed light on the negative effects of advertisements created by the fashion industry and mass media
Establishment strategies & Tactics
Social Reality
The Dove Campaign for
Real Beauty
Empowers women
Show them what natural and inner beauty is
Help define them mentally
Promotes positive self-esteems
Take them away from current social reality
Form their own inner beauty with good attitudes
Half and Half
It is safe to say that about half of
men want a curvy woman,
while the other half want a
skinny woman.

Men would want a curvy woman
because she is...
"More to love"
Not worried about social realities
Less vain
Beth Bell and Helga Dittmer, who have researched the role of identification in adolescent girls’ media consumption, insist that
“mass media may be seen as the single biggest purveyor of this ideal, promoting an unrealistic and artificial image of female beauty that is impossible for the majority of females to achieve,”
“There appears to be a relationship between reality TV cosmetic surgery shows and body image with viewers of these programmers more likely to have low body satisfaction and more favorable attitudes towards cosmetic surgery,”
(Burrowes, 2013). The media portrays that women who follow these tips and buy their products are rewarded with a quick weight loss and becoming fit.
"Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder"
Media has the most control

"Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder"
Media has most control of the standards of beauty
Increasingly unrealistic and difficult to attain, particularly for women
Control of the establishment
Establish control through a market centered on unachievable desires
Maintain control through women's insecurities

By promoting an image that is far from natural, the desirability of products is increased based on the notion that ‘normal’ people must buy these products in order to be as attractive as media icons”
(Wright, 2004)
Referent and legitimate power
Objectifies women
"Sex sells"
Carl's Jr. Kim Kardashian ad
Is skinny still trending?
Advertising has control over the marketplace and in advertising thin as “in” (Media Smarts)
Many women strive to achieve the body of a fashion model and suffer from inner conflicts as a result of failure
Not just weight
Hours of physical preparation
Jessica Simpson gave
negative attention
weight gain in,
Impractical message of how weight loss works
Unhealthy and unrealistic
“A 200-some pounder like me can operate on 2600 calories a day. Since a pound of body weight is 3500 calories, this means I can't lose a pound a day unless I eat nothing and burn off 900 calories in exercise every day.”
Diet pill industry
Celebrity endorsement
= Referent and legitimate power

Many unhealthy physical & mental side effects
“It is estimated that the diet industry alone is worth anywhere between 40 to 100 billion (U.S.) a year selling temporary weight loss (90 to 95% of dieters regain the lost weight)” - Media Smarts
The media continues to use these tactics because they remain convinced that only thin models spur the sales of beauty products
Research/ Timeline of developments
Analysis of the movement
analysis of the establishment
What we have learned
Who is this?
Where did you first see her?
What is she famous for?
Encourages the creation of positive body image and diversity within the media and advertising
Promote positive self-esteem and inner beauty
Explores the impacts of rhetoric, control, strategies and tactics that are within the social movement as well as the establishment
Is looking like Barbie the only type of beauty our society has to offer?
Why is it the norm for young girls to be exposed to society's negative standard of what beauty is?
Why is the media’s definition of beauty only defined by certain physical and material qualities?

Questions that
Inspire Change
Both industries have caused the definition of beauty to be misconstrued
Establishment & how it creates a negative impact on society
Close the gap on reality vs. superficiality by shifting how the media perceives and promotes beauty and success.
Positive use of rhetoric, control, strategies and tactics, within our social movement and the establishment
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