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Anne frank

No description

Library Media

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Anne frank

Anne Frank
by: Jordan Thomas All about Anne Frank
Anne was born on june
12 ,1929. 3 years after her sister Margot. (mar-go) she was a jew.
Her mother's name was Edith
and her father Otto. On Anne's 13th birthday she recieved a diary, she named it
Kitty. She wrote in it so much and that is why we know about her today. Anne's Diary A life in hiding. Anne and her family had to go in hiding for a little more than two years, After Hitler and his army invaded her home taking over her home.Saying jew's rights no longer exsist. The tragity

If jews like the Frank family were found they were either killed or sent to concentration camps. Germans found anne's family, they were sent off to concentration camps. While ann's mother was at her camp she died of starvation. Margot died because of a diesiese called Typhus. Anne died at the same place with the same diesiese. Otto
Otto escaped from the camp and returned to his home. He got his hands on anne's diary. He took it to be published. The end

this has been the story of Anne Frank
the only person who we have records
from world war II.
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