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No description

Olivia Juan

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Buddhism

Olivia Juan
Taylor Yee
Earl Maes
Dylan Waste
4th period
Mrs. Lawson, 6th grade
Siddhartha Gautama-Buddha
The Eightfold Path
Buddhism spread to South-east Asia and changed how people thought of the world

Many disagreements and arguments broke out and Buddhism split into two groups Mahayana and Theravada Buddhism
Buddists belived that you could postpone going to heavn these people were given lots affection
The Four Noble Truths

Step 1) Knows and understands the Four Noble Truths
Step 2) Give up worldly things and don't harm others
The Spread of Buddhism
Step 3) Tell the truth, don't gossip,and don't speak
badly of others
Step 5) Do rewarded work
Step 6) Work for good and oppose evil
* Nirvana is a state of wisdom and freedom from the cycle of rebirth

* Reincarnation is the rebirth of the soul or spirit in different bodies over time
* Nirvana is like when you are the highest cast you can no longer be reincarnation

* Reincarnation is like you in the caste system if you are good you reincarnate to a upper class

* The four noble truths ate steps you follow to tell you what suffering is and to follow the noble truths and they are the hart of the Buddha`s teachings

The Spread of Buddhism
Step 7) Make sure your mind keeps your senses under
Step 8) Practice meditation as a way of understanding reality
*Morality related to the Eightfold path because
it teaches you how to act good
Principles of Buddhism were popular with
people was because the Buddha didn't accept
the *caste system
Lower class members like the Eightfold path
because it could make them feel important and
they feel *enlightenment
*Principals concerning
the distiction between
good or bad behavior
*A soical structure in which
classes are determained by
*the action of enlightening
or the state of being
Thank You For Watching!
By: Olivia, Taylor, Dylan, and Earl
Mrs. Lawson
Group: Buddhism
Sources used:

social studies textbook
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Siddhartha Gautama was born around 563BCE
Born near a small kingdom in the Himalayas (Now Southern Nepal)
Mahamaya(mother) had a strange dream about a baby elephant blessing her with the trunk
He was wealthy, handsome, happily married, & has a fine son
Decided to explore the kingdom beyond palace walls
He traveled, and became very upset
Saw beggars, ill people, people broken down by age with no home and nowhere to go
He was truly aware of the suffering
Siddhartha decided to seek an answer to this great riddle: "Why did people suffer & how could their suffering be cure?"
So he left his family and riches to began the search
First he lived like a hermit, sleeping on hard ground
The Spread of Buddhism
* The four noble truths originated from buddah how created them they are essential for Buddhism because you need to follow those steps to stop suffering and to follow the eightfold path
Buddists belived that you could postpone going to heavn these people were given lots affection
Theravada Buddhism belived that the Buddha was a great teacher not a god
Theravada Buddhism spread to the south part of Asia like the island Celyon now know as Sri Lanka

What The Four Noble Truths Are
1) life is full of suffering

2) people suffer because they desire worldly
tings and self -satisfaction

3) the way to end suffering is to stop desiring things

4) the only way to stop desiring things is to follow
the eightfold path

Many disagreements and arguments broke out and Buddhism split into two groups Mahayana and Theravada Buddhism
Mahayana Buddhism is the teaching that the Buddha is a god
It's very popular in Northern Asian countries like Korea and China
It has also mixed with Tibet's religions which makes Mahayana Buddhism very diverse
The Spread of Buddhism
Siddhartha Gautama-Buddha
He nearly starved, but has no answers to his question
Meditated for a long time and finally got the answer
Legend says Siddhartha sat under a tree to meditate (like he saw a great light)
He spent his life wandering the countryside & telling people his answers to suffering
His lessons about life and nature of suffering became known as Buddhism
Siddhartha followers called him the Buddha or "Enlightened one"

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Step 4) Don't commit evil acts, like killing, stealing, or living an unclean life
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