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Saint Maria Michaela Desmaisieres

No description

Selena P

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Saint Maria Michaela Desmaisieres

By Selena P. Saint Maria Michaela Desmaisieres Saint Maria Michaela Desmaisieres THANK YOU FOR LISTENING TO ME AND I HOPE YOU ENJOYED MY PRESENTATION! FACTS ABOUT MY SAINT:
My Saint, Maria Michaela Desmaisieres, was born in Madrid(Spain) in 1809.
Maria Michaela Desmaisieres lost her mother during her childhood, her and her brother were left alone till adolescence years. I chose this Saint because she has an interesting background and some of the things she had to do and had to live with were quite difficult. Saint Maria Michaela Desmaisieres had a very tough life. Since she had lost her mother during her childhood she had lived with her brother and father till adolescence years. Mother Michaela had no relatives living in Madrid, Spain. I can see how hard it would be to live without your mother. I know for sure even if I am more fortunate and I could live with my father and brother, I know I would never be able to live without my mother. I would say that was the hardest besides finding food to eat and water to drink. REFLECTION ON WHY I CHOSE THIS SAINT. Saint Maria Michaela Desmaisieres inspires me because she had a very big heart! Mother Michaela cared for everything and everyone, she had made charitys about helping the sick just like we do today. She would give away the one loaf of bread she had had for someone who didn't have any food. Mother Michaela would give away everything she had for anyone who needed it because she knew God would find a way to make sure she lived healthy and happy like anyone else. Mother Michaela spent her child hood always shouting the Lords name and she spent a lot of her time praying even if there were wars going on around her and she had to move instantly. As she grew older she had always done the same thing and that is why my Saint inspires me because you only live once and you shouldn't waste it and you should share all your goods even if it is your last breath. WHY MY SAINT INSPIRES ME Saint Maria Michaela Desmaisieres nick name in church as she worked there was "Mother Michaela".
Mother Michaela had an interest to do with everything to help the sick.
All her interest as she became older was given to the religious instruction of the ignorant, the rescue of the unprotected and the fallen, the relief of sickness and poverty. The gift of the holy spirit that my saint showed in her life is kindness. She showed kindenss in her life because she had an extremely rough childhood. She lost her mother when she was very young and had a hard journey down her way to success. She devoted a huge chunck of time to helping the sick for the church and when she was older she devoted her life to teaching others about God. This proves that she showed great kindness in her life because even though she had avery rough time growing up she didn't want other people to people to have the life that she had and did everything in her power to do that. Gifts of the Holy Spirit.
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