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No description

James Turner

on 4 October 2014

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Transcript of RUNNING FOR LIFE.

Okay. It's time I tell you everything that has been going on. I was born in a massive laboratory called TIOMS, which stands for The Institute Of Mutant Scientists. I was one of hundreds of other unfortunate children, and we were all basically a test. The People in Black (PIB), scientists, inserted a new formula into every single one of us, believing that we would become amazing athletes. Their prediction was correct, however major side effects occurred. Some children grew wings, some had superhuman abilities, such as reading minds, and all could navigate wherever they were, but I was different, and that was the only reason I had escaped The Institute whereas the others hadn't. I had multiple side effects.

My bones were lighter than a bird's but stronger than you could imagine, meaning I can jump further and run faster than any living animal. I also had persuasion powers, however that only worked on humans. Finally, my senses were so sharp that I could hear a beetle farting, I could smell the beetles fart, I could spot the beetle from a kilometer away, I could see the exact shape and size of the beetle inside my head by only using touch and I could taste what the beetle had just eaten (through the air). That's why I nicknamed myself Anima. Anima Combat.

Ever since I had escaped four years ago, I was running for my life and also the life of others. I felt that it was my mission to free the enclosed mutants that the People in Black had created. I was and still am determined to overrun TIOMS, but I need assistance from someone... However, it is impossible to know if they're still alive, or were transformed into Black Worgs unless I can break inside TIOMS. But that's not necessary. I'm here already. All I have to do is perform yet another infamous escapee. Let's hope it's easier than last time.

As I was sitting in deep thought on the uncomfortable mattress they had 'kindly' provided for me, footsteps became louder outside in the corridor. Without a second thought, I jumped up and stood beside the door frame where the person/thing entering wouldn't immediately see me. I was trained to act on instinct. That's strange, I thought. I can read their mind. It must be a human. One of the scientists maybe? As soon as the door opened, I stepped out to attack whoever it was. But when I saw him, I just stood there, too stunned to move. It can't be. No. Surely not.
The helicopter's blinding lights shone down through the gaps in the branches above me as I ripped through the undergrowth. Leaves slapped against my face and razor sharp twigs raked at my exposed skin, but I stumbled onwards.

I could hear the sound of heavy footsteps pounding not far behind me. My senses couldn't quite pick out what they were just yet. I suddenly burst into a clearing, just as the creatures pounced towards me with their meat-shredding claws. Their distinct figure instantly jogged my memory. The Black Worgs. Their original shape was a wolf-like creature with glowing, crimson eyes and a pitch black coat of fur. However, they could morph into any creature they had previously devoured.Without a second thought, I wrenched a thick branch off the closest tree and swung it behind me. A pair of them were batted out of the way, but another bunch of them instantly lunged straight at my head. The thick branch was too heavy, and I couldn't swing it back around in time.

They overpowered me, knocking me to the ground and bashing the breath out of me. I rolled onto my stomach just in time to see one of chomp the space where I had been. Immediately I launched myself onto my feet in time to feel the black bag drop onto me and tighten. A cold, familiar snigger from behind me made my spine tingle...
Helplessly, I felt my body being lifted up off the ground and judging by the noise, winched into the helicopter. The creatures, supposedly morphed Worgs, laughed and kicked me through the material while strong hands grabbed the bag and chucked me into a corner. My head bashed against the steel wall which began to throb uncontrollably. The chopper began to gain altitude, then lean forward to fly onwards.
I wasn't too worried. I'd been through this before. But who? Who owned that voice? Just thinking about it made my blood run cold, but I was determined.

After what seemed like days in pitch blackness, I felt the helicopter gradually decline until a sharp jerk stated our arrival at the unknown destination. Once again, a pair of hands pulled me from the floor. They dragged my bag along rough ground until I stopped abruptly somewhere along a quiet corridor. I heard some keys jingling and a door being unlocked. It was kicked open, my bag was untied and I was thrown into the room. The door was locked behind me before I could even climb out of the bag. Looking around, I was shocked to discover that it was familiar. Suddenly, everything started rushing back.

He sneered. 'Well hello. What have we here? Another one of those wretched mutant accidents? Long time no see, Anima.' So THAT was who I heard. At first, I felt a tinge of sadness for him. 'We were friends Ray. I'm sorry I made a mistake.' But it was instantly replaced by rage.

What a bastard! The last time I had been here, so was he. He was my friend. He helped me escape but I'd made a mistake in the plan and he didn't get out as I had. Six years old he was. And now he's a monster and is probably back for blood. He continued, 'It's me bitch. You should check yourself out in the mirror, if you ever get to see one again. You look like a stuffed toy that's been thrown around and ripped apart by a dog.' What a hypocrite, I thought bitterly to myself. I answered back. 'No kidding. What did they do to you? Drag you through a sewer to see if you were too weak to fight, and when they discovered you were, made you into one of those things?'
He honestly looked revolting, and I think he knew he didn't look the best of types, so on that, he charged at me.
Fortunately, I was prepared for it and leapt up above his two meter tall bulk of a body and landed on his shoulders, kicking him back. He fell heavily on the concrete floor, knocking the breath from his lungs while I landed lightly on my feet. I was amazed to see him instantly back on his feet and not the slightest bit dazed. 'I've grown,' he repeated, and threw a flying kick at my head. It reached me in milliseconds and I found myself lying on the ground again licking my blood off my lips. A full grown male human had less than half the strength, agility and skill than me, but the PIB must have created some new, stronger treatment. That's not what I was hoping for. Let's hope they haven't injected too many of the other mutants, otherwise there goes my ultimate scheme. He smiled down at me with a smile I had never seen on his once-cute face. 'Who's the rag doll now, hey,' he snarled. 'Not too sure,' I answered weakly.'Me?'

Footsteps echoed down the corridor about one hundred and fifty meters away from here. The must have finally heard the commotion. In fact, I was quite surprised that there weren't any other guards outside my door. If I was going to escape, I'd better hurry up before they add more guards outside. I rolled onto my feet, and jumped aside before his hand smashed into my face making a permanent dent. Still trying to get over the fact that this was once my 'cage mate', I tried to swerve around him without injuring him.
Again, he swiped at my face. My head felt like it had been smashed against a concrete wall, and blood oozed from my forehead flowing down over my left eye. Damn. I looked up with my one good eye and saw his blurry figure, with the hatred smirking face. No mister soft guy any more. Without thinking twice, my hand shot out from beside me and grabbed his throat. I squeezed it until his face was pale and he was shaking. Then, as he drew his arm back to bash my face, I slammed my elbow down onto his cranium and on impact, a sickening crunch echoed around my tiny cell. He slumped to the floor, either unconscious or dead, but there was no time to check. The footsteps had rounded the nearest corner. One down, more than a lot to go.

I half sprinted, half glided, using my abilities to navigate my path through the network of narrow, blank corridors. Each corner took me closer to the bars where my friends would hopefully be kept. Around the next corner I sensed a moving wall of guards. Pushing my legs down hard, I jumped up to the ceiling, then spun my body into a horizontal position and ran along the wall. The guards, equipped with some sleep-laser gun, ran straight underneath me without even glancing up. I sniggered quietly as I turned around to see the two groups of guards collide when they rounded the corner, shouting and swearing at eachother. Finally, the cold room appeared infront of me. Despite having been locked in here before, I was still shocked at the wee size and vast number of cages lined along the walls.

As I walked inbetween the enclosed mutant children with my chin nearly scraping along the ground, my eyes were scanning the area for those who I once knew. They were all silent and frightened, staring out at me with hollow eyes. My sympathy for them, plus the worry that the guards would appear soon overran my brain, and I began to jog along, hacking all the locks off the doors. Before they all rushed out of their enclosures, I called out to them all,'You must wait here for me to unlock everyone. I am you friend, a mutant and am here to help. If guards come, jump out the window and run or fly or whatever for your life. I will meet you at the isolated creek 3 kilometers east.' All the young ones cried for joy, and the teenagers sighed and thanked me. There were no mutant adults.

As I lifted the solid steel bar to hack off another padlock, I heard a whole load of PIB rushing toward the room 127 meters away. There were too many of them for me to fight, and they were sure to have a weapon to take my abilities away from me so I had to leave with the others. Shouting out to them, I exclaimed 'Go, go. Get out the windows and I'll meet you there. For those who are still in cages, I will be back.' With sullen expressions on their faces, they sunk back into the shadows. I felt bad for them, plus, there was still 214 kids left, but I had to get a move on. At last, the final one hopped out through the window, then I followed, just as the PIB poured through the entry.
It was a small drop, and I landed lightly on my feet. Scanning my surrounds, I watched them scatter in all directions, but knew that they would all be at the secret meeting position. Many of them still weren't used to using their abilities, and were crippled from being scrunched up in dog cages. I started off in the intended direction, however I instantly came across a little rolled-up body, lying on the ground. Her beautiful golden hair covered her face, and she was holding her right leg tightly to her. As I approached her, she rolled over and looked at me with wide eyes. Her age would have been about 12 years old, she had hazel brown eyes and quite a small, cute face. I had an immediate affection for her, and in a soothingly asked what was wrong. 'I hurt my leg when I jumped,' she replied in a soft, charming voice. ' Would you like me to carry you?' I asked. 'that would be nice thanks,' A smile appeared on her face that made me melt. I plucked her off the ground and held her close while I jogged off through the undergrowth once again. As I ran, I began to think that I could be wasting my strength. What is this girls power? So I asked. 'I'm not sure. As soon as they injected me with the formula, they shoved me into the cage, and that was only 2 days ago.'
'I guess we'll just have to find out then,' I smiled. So this girl was new to the pack. But why didn't they inject the new formula into her. The one that Ray had been handed. There was only one solution to that. This girl had something different about her. She'll be stronger, more agile, just like me. And with more striking features. Her long, golden hair, her brown eyes, her muscular but fragile, tanned limbs. She also looked the same age as me.

* * * * *

After a tedious and treacherous but joyful journey with my new friend, we arrived at the valley, where there were already 37 grim-faced mutants. As I stepped into the clearing, the all turned their heads towards me. Many of them had blood gushing from fleshy cuts and dark-purple bruises.

and player of the year

we dont have all the same awards in aus
But WHY?
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