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Exploring Swingers

Day 2

Summer Roland

on 25 August 2013

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Transcript of Exploring Swingers

Day 2 - Exploring Swingers
Today we are starting a series of activities that will help us understand how to design and conduct scientific experiments. Just like scientists, you will need a place to record your observation, experimental designs, and discoveries. Your journals will serve this function.
Before you begin you have to assemble the equipment you will be using.
What can you do with at system like this?
A mass swinging back and forth on a string is called a
How many times do you think your pendulum will swing in 15 seconds?

How can you find out?
Okay, get ready . . .
on the count of three . . .
When it is released, the swinger will swing away and then come back. This is one
Count each time the swinger comes back close to the point from which it was released.

*Let's see Mrs. Roland demonstrate counting the pendulum's swing.
What could you change in your swinger system that might change the number of swings in 15 seconds?
mass of the bob (number of pennies)
release position (holding the mass higher or lower)
length (get a longer or shorter string)
Anything that you can change in an experiment that might affect the outcome is called a
Once you are done answering READ:
"What Scientists Do"
What is a variable?
What is a pendulum and where have you seen one?
What variables might affect the number of cycles the pendulum makes in 15 seconds?
A variable is anything you can change in an experiment that will affect the outcome.
Length of pendulum, weight of the bob, the angle of letting go, the force of letting go.
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