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C Masters IDT501 Spring 2010 Human Centered Design elements on the EPOD web site

Christopher Masters

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of EPOD

Human Centered Design Engagement




Transcendance direct link to
the daily picture pictures organized
by month and year pictures organized
by topic/subject directions to submit your own pictures follow via RSS, Twitter,
email and Facebook Flowering Plants (16)
Glaciers (27)
Ice, Frost & Snow (75)
Lightning (17)
Mineral (8)
Mountains (18)
Non-Flowering Plants (8) hypertext links to external web sites Coherence



Ownership site visitors can rank each picture on the first day it is posted, and their input is used to determine top pictures of each month and year pictures with latitude/longitude information link to a web site providing additonal pictures taken in the same region invites to moving Malleability and Ownership from to ? the ability to sculpt the environment according to personal needs and tastes a feeling that you have created and therefore own part of the system personal albums created from archives more choices for viewing :
picture size and layout
number of thumbnails viewer access to edit picture
tags and add comments although viewers can make submissions, the release of those images to the site is controlled by someone else
the site's content has a specific theme and structure that is not changeable
user feedback is solicited, but limited to predetermined responses and outcomes http://www.snowflakebentley.com/ http://www.snowcrystals.com/
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