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Underage Drinking

This prezi talks about underage drinking.

Ishita Kuthiala

on 8 September 2014

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Transcript of Underage Drinking

Under Age
Underage drinking is when
a person who is not of the legal drinking age consumes alcohol. Definition: Examples of Substance: There are many different types of
Ex: Beer, Wine, Different types of liquor. There are many reasons why teenagers
resort to underage drinking.
Peer Pressure
Everyone is doing "it" (Bandwagon)
Low Self-Esteem Short Term Effects Hangovers
Alcohol Poisoning
Unintentional Injuries
No Coordination
Dymentia Long Term Effects Death
Liver Damage
Tremors and Seizures
Academic Failure Personal Effects
of Substance Use Car Crashes
Loss of Friends and Family
Loss of License
Innocent People Killed
Probation Legal Implications There are many legal
issues when it comes to
Underage Drinking. Here are a few: You or your parents can get charged with:
Possession By Minor
Attempt to Purchase
Consumption By Minor "While we are free to choose our actions.
we are not free to choose the consequences
of our actions." ~ Stephen R. Covey Sadly, if you start drinking at a young age
it is possible to get addicted. But..if that is the case here are
some tips!
Get rid of all the bottles and cans around you
Develop new hobbies
Stress is a big reason why people drink, so just chill out and relax! Programs to provide support Community Programs that Provide Support
Alcoholics Anonymous (519)-999-1234
Brentwood Recovery Home for Alcoholics (519)-253-1192
Teen Health Center (THC) (519)-253-8481 Resources
www.yahooanswers.com Maybe you should think twice before drinking underage. Underage Drinking By: Ishita Kuthiala. Interesting Facts More than 81% of kids have had alcohol before grade 8.
Underage drinking kills more youth then all illegal drugs combined.
Every year about 5000 young people under 21 die from alcohol use.
If you get caught a total of 3 times underage drinking you can face a social contract, a fine, or an arrest. Alcohol is a colorless and flammable liquid.
Also alcohol is made of yeast fermentation and certain carbohydrates.
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