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RainForest Habitat

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ℐḉεṔ@ω151 ℬεη

on 6 November 2015

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Transcript of RainForest Habitat

Pictures of the Rain Forest
Rain Forest Habitat
By : Ben Lai & Vivian Nguyen

- Fossa
- Eat lemurs
- Clouded Leopards
- Eat deer,birds, and monkeys
- Leopards
- Eat monkeys
- Bamboo
- Bamboo can grow 12 inches a day
- Flytraps
- Eat flies
- Grasses and Sedges
More Rain Forest Pictures
Non-Living Variables
- Us humans destroiy 137 living things in the Rain Forest
- 80% nutrients come from plants and us humans kill them
- Most Rain Forest are durnt down for expansion of cities
- Rain Forest were even polluted

Negative affects to the Rain Forest by Humans
Postive affects to the Rain Forest by Humans
- The tempurature for the Rain Forest is 93F to 63F
- Rain Forest soil is Oxisols and Ultosols
- There is only 20% of oxygen
- 95% of sunlight is blocked by Rain Forest trees
- Rain Forest have more then 100 in. of precipertation per year
- Sloths have hook like claws for climbing
- Some plants have whip like vines to climb up trees for sunlight
-Aye-Ayes use echolocation to find bugs to eat

- Humans are trying to save the the Rain Forest
- People are trying to buy back the Rain Forest
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