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Ken Yamamoto

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Planes

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Today we will soar above
the skies and learn about Planes.

Modern Jet Airliners
Most planes that you will fly on are modern jet airliners. The two major jet airliner companies are Boeing from America and Airbus from Europe.
The Wright Brothers
The Wright brothers were the first people to ever fly and design a plane.
Airbus A380
This is the biggest passenger jet in the world!
US Fighter Jets
America has the most advanced and deadliest fighter jets. Some popular ones are Harriers, F-16s and Ospreys.
Airlines get lots of money from their customers. There are currently too many airlines in the world to name.
A Kenny Production
-The first crash in aviation history was on the
Wright Flyer.
-There were two people on board; the pilot survived but the passenger died.
Original Jet Airliners
The first plane with jet engines came out in 1952. It was called the De Havilland Comet.
-The Comet had its first crash due to Explosive Decompression. -They grounded all Comets then let them fly again.
-The next Comet to fly again crashed because of the same reason.
-Because of this now every aircraft has 2 rows of rivets.
Jumbo Jet
The Boeing 747 Jumbo came out in 1969. It has been the biggest passenger plane for over 40 years!
-The 747 is one of the easiest planes to fly due to its Cathede Rodes.
-Newer 747s don't need a Flight Engineer
-The Mcdonnell Douglas (a subsidiary of Boeing) MD-12 was originally meant to be made in 1991
Commuter Jets
All of the original planes had propellers or turbopop engines. But there are still many turbopops now.
-Bombardier is the world's only Plane & Train company.
-Saab aircraft are made by Saab the car company.
Tail Arrangements
-The Osprey Bomber is named after the bird Osprey. (and does not bomb ospreys - as in the bird)
-the Osprey's engines can tilt so it can take off and land like a plane or a helicopter
In the Cockpit
Pilots fly the plane in the flight deck (cockpit). There are 3 pilots: the Captain, First Officer(Co-Pilot) & Flight Engineer. But more modern planes have just a Captain and First Officer
There are 4 types of tails: low-mounted, mid-mounted, t-tail & tri-tail.
Cargo Planes
Cargo planes are used to transport big cargo. They have no passengers.
-Airlines spend billions of dollars on maintenance for just 1 plane.
-Most airlines in the world are budget airlines.
Thank You for watching
Q. What are Cathede Rodes?
A. They are LCD screens that replace the old meters.
Thank You
Supersonic Jet Airliners
There have only been two supersonic jet airliners in our world, the Tupolev Tu-144 and the Concorde.
-The Tupolev Tu-144 came out first and was the fastest
-The Tupolev Tu-144 went so fast they had to close down operations
-The Concorde had unique Delta shaped wings
Antonov AN 225
This cargo plane is the biggest plane in the world. It has 6 engines, 2 tails & 32 landing gears.
-The Antonov AN 225 came out in 1979.
Boeing 787 Dreamliner
This is the newest passenger plane in the world. The first airline to get it was ANA. On October 17th Jetstar's first 787, registration VH-VKA, came to Cairns.
-The 787 was meant to come out in 2006 but came out in 2011.
Airbus A350
In July the Airbus A350 had its first flight. The plane is powered by Rolls-Royce engines and has a smooth take off.
Fun Facts
-Boeing was founded in 1916
-The BAe Trident 3B' s 4th engines is facing backwards
-The Boeing 777 wasn' t fully designed by boeing
-Qantas is the second oldest airline in the world
-There are an estimated of 1570 Boeing 747s around the world
Luxury Flying
Some airlines like Emirates have luxury seating for passengers that can afford it. They have first class suites and showers.
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