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No description

Mai Nguyen

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Case

Define revenue streams for QuickBooks and Concierge

Is the ROI sufficient enough to pursue the project

Organization Challenges
1. Intuit is more focused on solving customer problems not partnering with third party service providers

2. Intuit does not know how long it will take to expect a return because shareholders have expectations about growth.

Vision(Product to Platform) Cont.
Industry Analysis
Revenue has decreased an average of 0.1% annually in the five years to 2012, despite a 2.2% increase in 2012 to reach $1.16 billion

While the recession of 2008 and 2009 forced many consumers to use industry products to budget tightly, this coincided with the development of free-to-use web-based personal finance programs

Future Platform Design
Peer to Peer Platform
Platform for Third party Developers
Platform for Third party products and services

Value of the Company
Market Cap: $17.36 Billion
EPS: 2.64

Market Cap: $22.32 Billion
EPS: 2.86
Company Info
Business and financial software products for small and medium business
Accounting Professionals
QuickBooks is for small and medium businesses (SMBs)
Significant increase usage of Quicken by small /medium businesses lead to the creation of QuickBooks
Compatible with Windows and MAC
Peer to Peer Platform
Intuit Commerce Network -
E-invoice and accept electronic Payments
Electronic Transaction Funds ( ETFs )

Project Challenges
1. To fund the development of Quickbooks platforms:
-Divert resources from other projects

2. Decide how to allocate resources

3. Unique business model

Thank You
Intuit QuickBooks:
From Product to Platform

Vision(Product to Platform)
Vision(Product to Platform) Cont.
Platform for Third-Party Developers
Intuit Partner Platform
Allowing developers to build applications that would integrate with Quickbooks

Platform for Third- Party Products and Services

QuickBook Financing ( QBF )
Connect Quickbook users with lenders

Provide Quickbook users business products and services (Shipping, flights, car rentals
Industry Analysis Cont.

Industry players are developing applications for smartphones and tablets to allow customers to operate personal finance software on the go

The industry will continue to struggle to grow revenue in the five years to 2017, with growth estimated to average 0.2% annually to reach $1.17 billion in 2017.

The West generates 48.6% of industry revenue and employs 40.9% of the industry workforce. California and Washington are both home to some of the world’s largest software publishers.

Sustainable Competitive Offer
4,050,000 Need Credit Software

$30k loan | 5 years | 7.6% - 8.4%
Collect 1%

Cater to half
$1.56 Billion vs. $1.48 Billion
Difference of $73.2 Million
Third-Party Products and Services
Competitive Advantage
Increase in Company's Value
Income Statement
Mai Nguyen
Vincent Pineda
Badral Jambal
Luigi Guillen
Aimal Arsalla
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