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Hi Everyone and Welcome to ENG 147!

No description

melissa paganini

on 13 July 2015

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Transcript of Hi Everyone and Welcome to ENG 147!

Week 1 Overview
Welcome to ENG 147 and the University of Phoenix!
Hi Everyone and Welcome to ENG 147!

I am Melissa. I will be your facilitator, and best friend in this course:-) Feel free to treat me that way too! You can email me at melissa.paganini@phoenix.edu or , call me at 602-713-8022 M-F 7am -3pm AZ time, and we can discuss how to make you successful in this class. Let's get to work!
Getting Started
Be sure to:
Review the Syllabus
Read the Class Policies
Reply to your Private Message
Write down my contact information and store in a safe place
Locate Reading Materials, Tasks, Learning Activities, and Assignments
Any questions, just ask:-)
Remember, participation happens at least three times a week. You must post at least 8 substantive posts total on a span of three days. Feel free to comment on any of the Required or Recommended Activities.

Identify strategies for building writing confidence.
Identify the key steps in the writing process.
Select a topic for an academic research essay.

Week 1 Objectives
Bedford Researcher Chapter 1
Bedford Researcher
Explore Possible Topics-
Opposing Viewpoints
Chapter 8
Writing for Success
All assignments are due on day 7 (Monday). Get ahead so that you can meet this deadline.
All assignments are due in a Microsoft WORD document.
Smile. Have fun. Breathe and let's get back to work.
Remember, I am here to help!
Topic Selection Reflection
Complete the worksheet thoroughly and to the best of your ability.
Explore your new topic of choice.
These text books and resources are super important, and contain all the answers. So, maybe this should be your BFF too.
Writing for Success
The Bedford Researcher
Center for Writing Excellence
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