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No description

Keysha Rummel

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of PANDAS

Pandas are the best pet in the whole world. Pandas can eat up to 40-80 pounds of bamboo. Pandas spend 10 to 16 hours eatting bamboo. When pandas are born they are the size of hotdogs. By: Keysha and Taylor Giant pandas have been endangered since 1900. The giant panda is a well- recognize symbol of the wildlife. Stretch. Captive pandas may live to be 25 - 30 years old. eat up. I am eating up. The eyespot of giant panda cub are initially in the shape of a circle. Yummy bamboo!! Yummy bamboo!! Help me): WHO R U LOOKING AT Average giant panda has to eat as much as 20 to 45 of bamboo shoots a day. On, occasion giant pandas are also know to eat flowers, vines, and green corn. Today an estimated to 2,000 pandas are found in the wildlife. This is very nice You are welcome This flower smiles good { yummy } I went to eat it This flower smiles good [YUMMY } I want to eat it Come on mommy!! Hey what r u looking at!!
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