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"forbidden city by william bell" timeline

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Livi BeAChamp

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of "forbidden city by william bell" timeline

April 1st
They get to Beijing , they meet Lao Xu, the chinese interpreter appointed to them by the government. The boys get to their new home the Beijing hotel. Where they meet Eddie the other reporter, Lao Xu gives Alexander a chinese name Shan-Da meaning tall mountain, which suits him because he is tall.
March 29
Ted got assigned to report in china, Alexander, his son; the protagonist of the story, is going with him but he must keep a journal.
April 4th
The small group of boys feast at the hotel on Eddie, Shan-Da learns a chinese custom to never empty your plate because the host will put more on your plate to show generosity.
April 7
Alexander finds him self a little home sick when he finds out by overhearing that he could be stuck in China for a year.
April 8
April 15
Ted gives Alex a note that reads that Hu Yao-bang died.

The students start to organize the demonstrations in the square.
"Forbidden City by William Bell" timeline
March 30th-31st
They got on the plane to go to china, Ted gets blasted to endure the ride more comfortably.
April 6th
Lao Xu takes Alexander to walked great wall of china , he also learns about communism in the chinese government.
April 14
Alexander has to figure out a way to video tape without getting caught. Also he has to hide that hes a westerner with a hat and sunglasses to hide his baby blues.
April 24
Lao Xu takes Alex to the tea house, and told story's from chinese literature from an old man who is from the neighborhood.
April 26
Lao Xu's worry arises that the government will take harsher actions against the students. Shan-Da learns that students go to school six days a week in china.
Alexanders Father is getting quite busy with work so Alex convinces him to buy a bike, so that Alex can tour the city on his own. The only condition is he has to video everything.
Alexander sees a million people standing in Tien An Men square. Learns that the students are criticizing the government. The students three demands are,
- The government to talk to the students as equals instead of adolescence.
-apologize for violence against students
-Xin Hua to stop lying about the students in the newspapers and on T.V

April 27
May 5
Chairman Zhao says there will be no chaos as a result of the students which condradicts Deng;s analysis that the students were promoting it. Lao Xu worries that the students are in big trouble cause the Communist Party was now speaking with two voices.
The Communistic Party gets special treatment.
Zhao Zi-yang arrives in the square and starts shaking peoples hands, Amazing!
May 20
May 13
1000 Students start a hunger strike.
May 21-22
The PLA has taken over. The chinese government shut down satllite feed to the states.
May 23-24
When the PLA comes into the the city thousands of people block the roads. Soliders are unarmed.

Alex has a dreadful feeling. More than a million people show up, with several posters that say "Democracy Now!"
The government says the students are "counter-revolutionaries" This means that they are an enemies of the state and can be arrested and shot.
May 25-
May 26-29
The army surrounds Beijing. Many students had left but also return. The students made a statue called the Goddess of Democracy, she stares right at Mao.
May 30- June 3
They ask the to tourists to smuggle video tapes out to the states.
June 4
Reporting on the events in the square. Lao Xu cant help, he might get in trouble. Students are surrounded, and still are helping soldiers out of carriers safely. 50 carriers with 50 people in side each. Troop trucks brutalling running over people. Shooting starts.
Shan Da and Lao Xu go to get Eddie and Ted.
9am June 4
Ambulances are having a hard time trying to get in to help people. 100s of people being gunned down. The students want to offer passive resistance. Ak-47's shooting. PLA burning bodies in huge bon fires, Government will say it never happened. Ted and Eddie are still missing.
Students help Shan Da get to the public bathroom and back. He was shot in the leg and got 2 concussions. Nae-Nae (grandmother) made lunch then the students left.
China blocks signals from England and American so no one can hear the truth.
June 6
June 7
Foreign start fleeing the country.
June 8
Xin-Hua stops at five pagoda temple and seats refugee.
June 9
Alex finds his father.
Gets to the canadian embassy.
June 28
Alex and Ted return home.
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