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Bio 104 Online 5 week Course Schedule

YouTube Introduction to the course at https://youtu.be/KP-YpcR1n6o and the course requirements and tips to succeed in this ACCELERATED course at http://prezi.com/ry6vymhcw4cx/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy&rc=ex0share

Susan Glenn

on 3 December 2016

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Transcript of Bio 104 Online 5 week Course Schedule

Pollution & Solutions
Course Structure

Bio 104
Environmental Science

2. Air Pollution
Questions about the atmosphere video
Chapter 16. Air Pollution
Short Videos on Air Pollution
Carl Sagan - Pale Blue Dot
Air Pollution Advice 1947
Killer Fog Part 1
Dear 16-year-old Me
Pollution (Bio 104)
Coughing Cats
Questions from Short videos
State of the Air
Tree Leaf Symmetry
Clean Air Act video assignment
Test on Air Pollution Chapter
3. Climate Change
Earth's Changing Climate Video & assignmnent
Chapter 15. Climate Change
How the Greenhouse Effect Works video
Climate change short videos & questions
Climate Data Analysis
Effects of Climate Change: Article from National Geographic
Sea level Rising flood map assignment
VIDEOS on Climate Change (
Baked Alaska Documentary & Assignment
Chasing Ice Film & assignment
Six degrees could change the world & assignment
Short Videos
1958 - Global Warming - It's NOT newly known
Global Warming Warning 1984 US Government
Climate Change Chapter test
4. Energy
Energy Challenges Video & assignment
5. Oceans & Water Resources
6. Waste
Oceans Video on NetFlix & questions
Chpt 17: Water use & management

Water Use Calculator
Chpt 18: Water Pollution
Water pollution videos & Questions
Poisoned Water -FrontLine Video & questions
Drugs in our water assignment

Water resources & Pollution Test
Risk, Exposure, and Health Video & questions
Chpt 8: Environmental Health & Toxicology
Chpt 21: Solid, toxic & hazardous waste
Introduction to Superfund sites
How close to SuperFund? assignmemt
e-waste Video & questions
Using bacteria to clean up toxic waste - video & questions
Toxins & Waste text
1. One Earth
Rare Earth Video & Questions
Carbon Cycle Lab
Chapter 1. Understanding Our Environment
Chapter 2. Principles of Science and Systems
Working with Graphs
EPA Video assignment
Chapters 1 & 2 test
Animation : Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
Within each module all videos, readings and activities are shown.
Renewable Energy & Sustainability Folder
Chpt 20: Sustainable Energy
Renewable Energy -select one of....
Wind Power
Solar Power
Geothermal power
Energy Simulator
Nuclear Power Folder
Chpt 19 - Nuclear Power
Nuclear Power website on How Stuff Works & assignment
Nuclear Tourist Website & assignment
Nuclear Power Plant Simulator & assignment
Film on Nuclear Disaster -
Pick one

Zero Hour - Season 1, Episode 1- Disaster at Chernobyl film & assignment
Inside Japan's Nuclear Meltdown film & assignment例説
News Article on Fukushima or Chernobyl
Short films on nuclear power
The Area is Free From Dangerous Radiation 1950
This is Atomic Energy 1950
(Subbed) Nuclear Boy うん
Fossil Fuels Folder

Chpt 19 Conventional Energy (fossil fuels)
Brief animation on how fracking is done
Fracking assignment
Review one fossil fuel
Watch ONE film on sustainable design:
Garbage Warrior Full Length Documentary & questions
Cradle to Cradle Design - a TED Talk! & questions
Chpt 22: Urbanization & sustainable cities
Thermal Mass
Cities & Streams; short videos & questions
Looking Forward: Our Global Experiment Video & questions
Chpt 25: then what shall we do?
Ecological Footprint of Countries
Your Personal Ecological Footprint
Sustainability & the Future test
Final exam (optional)
7. Sustainable Future
Each assignment has a point value. Grades are determined by your total points earned as shown on the grading scale. You can check your current grade on eLearning. Just compare your points to the grading scale to see what your current Letter Grade is.
*NOTE* Your GRADING SCALE is listed on the syllabus and on the list of assignments.
How to get help:
email from your RCGC email to sglenn@rcgc.edu
call my office at 856 415 2164 (you can leave a voice mail!)
Course requirements and tips to succeed at:
Press the Play Button (bottom left) to hear the Voice Over!
Energy Module test
YouTube Introduction to the Course
Full transcript