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Red Snapper

Paul Whaley!

Brandy Butcher

on 19 May 2011

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Transcript of Red Snapper

Red Snapper DESCRIPTION :) Red Snappers as the name suggest is red all over. Its theeth doesn't show as much as other snappers. By: Paul Whaley The minimum weight a red snapper can be is about 8 pounds' the usual maximum weight is about 20 pounds. The world record though is 50 pounds and 4 ounces. Most red snappers are about 20 inches long. Size information Description :) Useless Fact!

In Animal Crossing red snappers are worth 3,000 bells! Red Snappers live in the shallow parts of beaches and deep holes in bays. Habitat Adaptions
There sharp teeth help for pray. but hide it so that it looks like its a normal fish. Behavior: Red Snappers spawn 20 times a year, about 500-2 million eggs per spawn. very territorial. their diet includes pipefish, snake eels, shrimp, searobins, pinfish, striped anchovies, cusk eels, and pigfish. Facts:
Red Snappers are good food.
They are near the top of the food chain.
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