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All Physical cases

Xceed second presentation

samar said

on 27 December 2012

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Transcript of All Physical cases

Physical cases Voice overlapping Physical Instability All physical Cases.. Data Down: The service was working normally and suddenly became down( the ADSL led is off). If some one is calling from the same number and when i revise it with him find it another number

If he know the overlapped number put it if not call his number and try to get the overlapped one if i couldn't get write : Noise Issue Power Failure: Before starting any trouble shooting we should make sure that the power led is on and at it's normality.
If not .. we should ask the cst. to try the router with the original adapter at another plug and tell me.
If still the same we should ask the cst. whether the router from TE-Data or no if yes he should take the router to the nearest TE-Data branch. if not : 1- Take it to the vendor if available.
2- Try another router.
3- Take team leader permission to go to the nearest TE-Data branch to buy,rent another router or to check his own router.
*TP-Link Not considered as a TE-Data router Applied if call dropped from agent's side or customer's side by mistake If the customer asked me to call him for any reason i shouldn't say YES or NO before taking TLP.
If there is a rush i should call him after the rush even if he has called again and solved the problem i should call to apologize.
Call back is just one time.
If there is a system down no call back. Voice Down: If the customer is connecting from a wall outlet i should tell him to connect from the Main wall outlet and disconnect all other phones if he can’t find it he should try all outlets. If the voice is not working then handle it as "Data and Voice Down".
If the customer can't check within the call he should make sure and call us back.
If the customer confirmed that the voice is working fine then the case will be handled normally. In This Case the internet service is working fine but there is no phone service.

We should know the case of the phone
ringing/busy or Recorded message.
If recorded msg ask the cst if he is TE-Duetto or not if yes convert him to sales dept if no ask him to solve the problem with TE IF he don't know also to sales.
If Ringing/busy ask him to connect from the main wire without splitter or other phones if the voice worked fine the reason is the splitter or the outlet if no tell him that we will check it with the TE-exchange and will inform him the details. Data and Voice Down There isn't neither data nor voice. If the data became up and the voice is still down handle normally as voice down case and mention in the ticket that the line was down and became up within the call.
If the customer Duetto cst and has a recorded msg should check the sales. If the phone was disconnected due to billing issues (with TE) then the data was down as well then the billings issues was over and still no voice , the normal troubleshooting will be done by testing the line is ringing / busy tone or recorded message and act accordingly. "Unable to get the overlapped # !!" There isn't overlapping between two different exchanges..
There is no overlapping with "0233320700". The ADSL service works and gone at periods.

If the customer is calling from same line and after making all troubleshooting steps & asking customer to connect from main wire confirmed(7lf) that he connected before from the main wire but still the same problem i MUST ask him to Re-connect again from the main wire and feed us back if still facing the same problem. "The ADSL led is turned off when the service is off" Logical Instability The same of physical instability but the ADSL led is on even if the ADSL service is off (Menowra w thabta). Transfer to up Queue cst facing browsing problem. Physical Instability line loses synchronization Bad line Quality I can determine that there is has a BLQ when operational speed isn't adjusted. I use the trouble shooting of the physical instability from the ticket maker except at the end of the call. If number at one of the last mile pops ask the cst the availability to connect from the main wire before escalation if he can't ,, Escalate.
If it's not at the last mile pops so escalate if he connected from the main outlet after trouble shooting and still facing the problem. If the Line down when using the phone its customer side problem so we won't escalate unless the customer try the connection with a new splitter and a new phone set (Lang).
If the customer is connecting from wall outlets then he should connect from MAIN WIRE. Cross connection Physical instability cases seems to be cross connection If the customer is connecting from outlet , so we have to check how many outlets the customer is connecting and connect filter or splitter before each one. If the Customer has noise when the router is connected or not connected then escalate.If the customer has a noise issue with other physical case handle the physical case at the first.
If with logical case then advise him to connect filter or splitter before each phone then transfer him to up queue. Special thanks to :
"Poula" Wrong Card and port Real wrong card and port Matrix Hang Usually solved after change line code and restart the port physical Logical ADSL led is stable ADSL lap is off Up Queue check voice if not working escalate Any Questions!! Happens when the matrix case is different from the real case then there is a wrong card and port case. Wrong Card and port by: Samar Said
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