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Life Time Fitness Investor Relations Campaign

No description

Kristen Carlyon

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Life Time Fitness Investor Relations Campaign

Investor Relations Campaign

Situation Analysis

Late Fall/Summer of 2013 - Life Time Fitness's stock value began declining and alarmingly did not increase at the beginning of January 2014, a popular time for growth in the fitness center industry due to New Year's resolutions

At the time, Lifetime Fitness had recently seen a change in the COO and CFO, instilling a sense of uncertainty regarding the future of the company among the investment community.
Campaign Goals and Objectives
Increase stock price by 10 points in 6 months & 15 points in 12 months

Aim to beat the most recent peak in July 2013 of $56.45

Enhance company perception

Invoke a feeling of security among the investment community

Introduce a new program that demonstrates growth and appeals to investors

Campaign Components
About Life Time Fitness
Founded in 1990 and based out of Chanhassen, MN

Mission statement - provide an educational, entertaining, friendly & inviting, functional & innovative, experience of uncompromising quality that meets the health & fitness needs of the entire family.

109 operating fitness centers in 28 major markets throughout the United States and Canada

LTF facilities are known for being a premium & luxury fitness center; they are designed to serve as an all-in-one location for athletics, personal fitness, spa services, nutritional services, and family recreation.

Primary source of revenue comes from membership dues, followed by sales of in-center products, programming, services, and enrollment fees.

Main competitors in U.S. fitness center industry - Bally Total Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, and Gold's Gym

Life Time members by the numbers -
gender: 50 % women, 50 % men
average income: $118,898
average family size: 4
college educated: 77%

Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
The problem at hand -
Opportunity -
No real direct competitor in the “family-focused,
upscale, full-service” health/fitness center niche

To ensure the investment community of the strength
of the company’s strategy, plans, the management team and execution ability all of which make Lifetime Fitness an attractive and smart investment.

Life Time + Program Launch
Event will demonstrate how Life Time will increase membership sales by targeting Baby Boomers (people born between 1946 and 1964) that have time, disposable income, and the motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Validate the growth of the company to ensure that investors will receive a high rate of return with their investment in Life Time Fitness
Program introduces age specific programs that encourage individuals 50 and older to achieve their health and fitness goals
Life Time + classes & equipment are located in an exclusive area of the Life Time Fitness facilities to ensure a senior-friendly exercise environment, without the intimidation of heavy weight lifters or advanced athletes
Program is effective June 2014 and will be available at the following three Life Time Fitness locations in Minnesota - Minnetonka, Roseville, and Chanhassen
Tactics to promote Life Time +
1. Direct Mail
send informational brochures to Baby Boomers in the Chanhassen, Minnetonka, and Roseville areas, since these three locations are heavily populated with this demographic
2. Event Sponsorship
partner with local country clubs & golf courses to sponsor recreational events for people 50+
Life Time Fitness representatives will be present to provide direct information about the program & answer any questions
Monthly Reports
Implement monthly reports in addition to the current annual and quarterly reports
for shareholders and sell-side analysts

Focus on Life Time’s initiatives in the fitness center industry, operating margins, growth of the company, and other relevant information that is crucial for investment decisions

Also, increase the number and frequency of meetings with investors and analysts to encourage two-way communication and reinforce Life Time’s successful changes in leadership
Media Coverage
Raise LTF visibility and reinforce financial results and investment messages through positive media coverage

Arrange interviews with members of the executive team, primarily the COO and CFO, in order to give an up close and personal look to the recent changes

Distribute press releases and work with reporters to publish articles in business journals, such as BusinessWeek

Put Life Time Fitness executives into the public eye to exhibit transparency between the executive team and the investment community
Measurement and Evaluation
Recommendations and Next Steps
Post-event surveys to encourage feedback from investment community about the large-scale "Life Time+" PR event

Analyze the stock price after both 6 month and 12 month bench marks

Look to meet and exceed July 2013 value of 56.45

Look to increase membership 2-3% by 12 month benchmark.
PR Event
Monthly Reports
Media Coverage
Solidify Executive Positions

Remove Perception of Instability

Promote Direction of the Company

Highlight New Executives (CFO, COO)
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