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Changing peoples lives with art

bb ss

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Art

My Leader I chose was our art teacher Mrs Williams, I picked her because she to me is an inspiring and interesting person that I myself would look up to. She encourages every one with her enthusiastic humor. Nothing puts her down and is a resilient and persistent teacher. She interests every one in their learning and that's always my highlight of the day every Monday when I get taught something new in art class. Interview with Mrs Williams: Investigate the qualities of a leader: Quality of a leader: Here is a video of our art teacher Mrs Williams telling us what art means to her, I hope you enjoy. The process involved in the selection of leaders:

Becoming an Art teacher is a great privilege to lots of people all around the world. If you want to become an art teacher you really need to love art, it needs to come from within your soul. One of the great artist like Michelangelo was described that he was the one who was born with paint running through his veins. Teaching art needs to be interesting for your class or audience if your not interesting people they won't enjoy taking art class. You must have organization and patience and enthusiasm while teaching. To become an art teacher you will need to go to university or college and must excel in art classes like art education. How to become an art teacher: Any thing you do or any thing you try out for whether it's a spot on a sports team or a spot on a musical never ever think your not good enough because any thing is possible. Identify the values of democracy and the right of citizens: This certain learning intention tells me to find information on something that someone or a various number of people have done to let other people in the world express their feelings, let them show the world what they can do. Showing people what creative people are out there and inspiring others to do the right thing not the wrong. I was lucky enough to got to an outstanding festival a couple of weeks a go, it is called the white night festival. White Night is a festival that runs from 7:00 pm till 7:00 am. From start to finish every where you looked there was some thing amazing that probably an ordinary person had made. For example there were ice sculptures, paintings and little tiny pieces of art hidden inside the walls. The white night festival is an exciting new event for Melbourne, it was inspired by the International Nuit Blanche network. It's first attempt having the festival to present art work in an accessible area with in public spaces for all audiences to see was in Paris, France 2002. In 2013 when we had the festival in Melbourne's city it was our first attempt on having an all night event and went surprisingly well. This festival wasn't just for visual arts it was also for performing arts and showcased Australia's commitment to art exceptionally well. Even though the festival was extraordinary just imagine how long it would have taken to put together. Here are some of the people who helped organize the event. The Team: Creative Director: Andrew Walsh
Project Manager: Kelly Harrington
Music Director: Felix Riebl
Operational Development Manager: Bryn Skilbeck
Technical Manager: David Membery
Web Development: Mecca Medialight Examine an issue and the actions of the leaders in response: My issue is that there are some people in the world less fortunate than us living in unstable homes and eating unhealthy food that they may have had to scavenge for. Or younger kids that have been involving themselves in dangerous things around the city. Some people have thought outside the box and instead of supplying food or reporting things to the police they have started a program called Art Start. Art Start is a program that has been running
since 1991, when a small group of artists started holding art classes specifically for people involved in bad things around the city. They wanted them to do things that were completely different to their everyday life and introduce them to new people. Over the years the kids had so much more faith in them selves and were comfortable talking and introducing themselves to other people. The project was very successful and brought in a much bigger crowd of people. Art Start didn't just focus on art it also gave the kids lessons on Maths and Literacy for example giving kids a budget for them to spend and working out all the materials for a project they may have. The students were able to present their work to the world, exhibitions, performances and public events. Art Start gives kids or teenagers with a unfortunate background and helps them improve on skills along the way. Students are amazed at what they have learned and what they could now teach to other disadvantaged kids. Art Start inspires everyone and changes lives, I think this shows a great role of leadership because their helping others not just themselves and making a difference. ART START:
Changing peoples lives: Today I have brought in some examples of different ways you can present art, like sculptures, illustrations and paintings. Illustrations: An illustration is a picture than can be drawn
or painted. It can represents something. An illustrator is someone who draws pictures
for books, magazines, advertisements and web sites. Mixed Media: Mixed Media is when you use different types of materials. Sometimes using this method can give you a bit of a 3d effect. For example you could start of with an outline of pencil, then going on to paint, after that to create a picture you could use different color fabrics to create something like a rocket. I have brought in a design for you to see that my mum made. Sculptures: Sculptures are a 3d object and created by different types of materials. Some sculptures are designed to complement someone or something. They can be as big or as small as you desire and you can use as much of your imagination as it can stretch to. I have brought in a sculpture that is a working progress but is an example of what a sculpture looks like. Thank you For watching my Presentation and I hope you enjoyed it! Graffiti: Sadly now more and more people are going around the city, peoples homes and medical center and graffiti someone else property. It's disgusting to see people writing down awful things so smaller children have to see it. I don't understand why these people do what they do but I do know that instead of graffiti someone else things there are competitions were kids get a canvas, and can design their styles and even win a prize for it. This gives them a better option to spend their time doing rather than destroying everyone's future. look at the iPad Leaders should always be resilient and persistent and be open to everyone's opinion. Leaders need to understand others and be a person that people can look up to, it is hard to have all the qualities but as you get use to having your leadership role everyday you keep getting better at it only if you try and that's what's important, to keep on trying. Having this festival is allowing other people in the world who have a great talent to let them express themselves and giving everyone a fair go.
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