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Loggers in the Amazon Rainforest

No description

t langston

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Loggers in the Amazon Rainforest

Loggers in the Amazon Rainforest
Our group:
The loggers

we came to the rainforest in the 1960's, so for about 50 years. The rubber tappers have been in the rainforest using resources since the 1870's.
Their group:
The rubber tappers
Why We Came
We came to the rainforest because the Brazilian government has open parts of the rainforest to private companies. The rubber tappers came because it was a traditional way of life for them.
It is important for us because we contain lots of jobs and those jobs are like cutting down trees making paper and making furniture. We also are important because we give money to the Brazil's government but they don't care if we are sustainable they just care about the money that we give them. The Rubber tappers are bad for the forest because they cause us from cutting down trees witch causes us to loose money that we spare with the government. The government does support us because they do let us use the forest but we give part of our profit to the Brazil's government. The government does support them but they only give 1.4 percent of their money to the Brazil's government. We oppose them because we want the trees for cutting but they want the trees for the rubber.
Our money compared to theirs
For the amount of wood we make we gain 2.3 billion dollars a year
Their money
They make much less money than we do. For about every 24 tasks they make 93 dollars, and 43 cents.
That is 109 dollars a month and 1200 dollars a year.
Our money
The last picture shows the deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest. The black and white parts show where the trees have been cut down.
The loggers cause 2-3% of deforestation.
The Rubber Tappers cause 1-2% of deforestation
Rubber Tapper
The last pictures were showing you pictures of the Loggers and Rubber Tappers. Here are the numbers of them.
The Loggers have 7595 companies cutting down trees
The Rubber Tappers have 63000 families cutting down trees
In the last pictures you saw the logs and latex that these groups produce.
The Loggers produce 30 million cubic meters of logs a year
The Rubber Tappers produce 5000 tons of latex a year
The last picture was a map of the Amazon Rainforest showing you how big it really is.
The Loggers have 27 million acres of the rainforest
The Rubber Tappers have 1.5 acres of the rainforest
Thomas Langston
Alex Ngo
Emma Chothani
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