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Otzi the Iceman:Murder Mystery

No description

Tatum Brown

on 8 September 2015

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Transcript of Otzi the Iceman:Murder Mystery

Otzi the Iceman:Murder Mystery
By: Tatum Brown, Star Housley,Desiree Bryant
Thursday,September 19,1991
Tisenjoch 3,210 m. above sea level
Otzal Alps (South Tryol, Italy)

1.Where was Otzi discovered?
Otzi's body remained intact due to the frozen ice that surrounded his body.
3.Why did Otzi remain intact?
Carbon-Dating is when the organism dies, the flow of C14 is interupted, and any C14 absorbed during its life.
5.Explain Carbon-Dating?
2.Name one of the problems faced in trying to recover Otzi?
While trying to recover Otzi the left hip was damaged because of the constant melting water flow.
4.When did the iceman live? How do we know?
The iceman lived between 3350 and 3100 BC. We know this because the text said the iceman was alive some 5,000 years ago.
6.What is so special about Otzi?
Otzi was so special because his corpse were perfectly frozen in the ice.
7.How many tattoos did Otzi have?
Otzi had 61 tattoos.
8.How did Otzi die? When did he die?
Otzi was shot by Flint arrow heads. He was killed in spring, or the early summer.
9.Why was Otzi's axe important?
Otzi's axe was important because it was a simble of rank, it was also made in the time period of 3000 BC. They also cherished it as a weapon.
Here are the four theories,
Theory #1: This theory says that Otzi was stabbed while trying to defend himself.
Theory #2: This theory states that Otzi was probably in a fight in the remaining hours of his life.
Theory #3: This theory says that Otzi was killed as a sacrifice to the gods.
Theory #4: This theory said the iceman was killed by his own people.
Investigative Group Conclusion:
Our group came to the conclusion that Otzi was stabbed in a fight while trying to defend himself. We came to this conclusion because the data finding shows that he had stab wounds one one of his wrist.
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