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AP Lang Intro

Talk about docs and forms of pesuasion

Santiago Rodarte

on 12 August 2016

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Transcript of AP Lang Intro

What is AP Lang?
What are you supposed to learn in this class?
Understand the following three things:

1. Language provides the most powerful means of understanding the world - so you can shape lives (yours too).
3. Most importantly, all language (sound, images, symbols) is argumentative or persuasive, pointing in a direction and asking for a response.
2. Rarely do arguments have only two sides.
Dizzying array of perspectives.
Consider all before you reach a conclusion.
Everything is an argument.
People walk and talk persuasion -
We breathe this, so . . .
Language is itself inherently
and persuasive.
I worry for the girls.
I once had braids,
and wore lace that made me suffer.
I had not yet done the things
that would need forgiving.

-Kathleen Norris, "Little Girls in Church"
1. State the claim you think
each argument makes.
2. Write a paragraph that elaborates
on each claim.
"Resistance to science is born of fear.
- J. Michael Bishop,
Fear, in turn, is bred by ignorance.
Are really obvious
And it is ignorance that is our deepest malady."
Sometimes arguments
Purposes of

But really, speakers have as many purposes for arguing as for using language, like . . .
a point of view; move from conviction to
Argument: find some version of the
using evidence and reasons.
difference between argument and persuasion
Academic Distinction:
lead audience toward conviction, that the claim is true or reasonable.
a truth)
a truth)
Please produce an
for an argument and one for persuasion.
Explain why each is appropriate.
Audiences for arguments
Who is the audience and what does it evoke for each audience?
Take a look at the following bumper sticker.
State the
you think the bumper sticker makes.
Elaborate on the claim -
to what specific
to evoke what specific
What is it's purpose?

7 - 10 sentences.

10 Word Summary
Q: •What are the consequences of..?
Let's try solving this "First World Problem"

Earphones getting tangled up in your bag
"Okay. Let's tweak it"

Most productive arguments use the future tense
AND, you control the conversation.

...imagine stumbling upon Newton's law of gravity and meeting face-to-face with the forces that drive the universe.
...imagine coming across Freud for the first time and suddenly becoming aware of the unconscious, where your Id, Ego, and Superego conduct their arguments.
To live in the matrix (the inner-workings)
of language is to ....
In other words, rhetoric is the physics of how we maneuver through our social universe . . .
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