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Digital Citizenship

No description

Kristine Carroll

on 27 January 2017

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Transcript of Digital Citizenship

Be Aware!!
Congratulations!! You have won a free iPhone 8x That haven't even came out in stores yet!! All you have to do it click here.

By this point you have been tricked into giving out your credit card info and even more person information. They stole all your money and have access to most of your accounts.
Stay In Control
Digital Footprint
Everything you do online helps to shape
your digital image. Every website you click on, every account you create, and even every photo you post. However, all this does not go away with a simple click of a delete button. You must be aware of everything you do online because it can be found at any
point of time in the future. So, do not do anything online that you wouldn't
do in person.
The digital world stores more information then anyone can imagine. We can learn about things that we may have never even known before. With the simple click of a button we can learn about many things from the...
We can learn about history, and about the people who came to shape the world we live in today. The Internet holds documentation of almost everything that has happened in the past, and
about the things that past
people have discovered.
So, be careful with what
and who you can trust online.
Make sure you know what
is real and what
is a scam.
...and although information may seem accurate always be careful and check all your facts with another reliable source.
The Internet is full of many different tools to
use. There are thousands of sites that allow people to create, explore, and discover as far as they can imagine. The digital world gives many different people opportunities to widen their span of capabilities. Artists can create logos, designs, and even digital art. Photographers can edit, transfer, and recreate pictures from the touch of a button. Many tools also allow authors to write and share their stories with the world. As you can see the Internet is crucial to the daily work of many people. With the use of all the tools that the Internet provides,
people can re imagine the world.
Not much information is known about the future because it didn't happen, but the Internet allows us to make conclusions about what
the future may be like and what discoveries might be made. We can predict about the things we hope to happen, and build off the things that already had.
The Internet is a great place to find information about what is happening in the world today. Every minute the information that is stored online is updated to be as fast and as accurate as possible. We can learn about news, facts, and even new discoveries.
Online, people are faced with many opportunities to explore and discover. The
Internet is a great place to find work, apply for a job or even start up your very own business. You can express your talents to everyone willing to watch. Most of the popular musicians we know as today were discover online from their little channels on YouTube. So, even the people
we look up started at the bottom.
When you're online many people try to trick you
into doing things you don't want to. Whenever you are online remember to respect yourself and others. Many things on the Internet may seem real but may be fake or untrue. If you see something that shouldn't but up on the site report it and tell a responsible adult.
Although the Internet is a great place to connect with other people, it can sometimes be over whelming. Many people in the digital world hide behind their computer screens and can lie about their age, look, and even interests. This may not seem like a big deal but it is when someone you don't know wants to talk to you. Through games, social media, and other communication website people pretend to be someone their not to get something from you. Sometimes, people may even want to meet in person. This can be very dangerous and cause you to be kidnapped, hurt, lost or even killed. So be alert to all people around you online, and be
careful who you trust.
Digital Citizenship
By: Kristine Carroll

The digital world is a great was to keep in touch with relatives, have pen pals, and talk to people from the other side of the world. Through websites you can stay in touch with many different people from all over. This created a new way to communicate that wasn't available before. Social Media allows people to share photos and talk with many different people.
One of the many great uses of the Internet is the ability to buy and sell items. With the use of many websites people can online shop straight from their favorite stores. For the benefit of other small businesses websites like eBay and amazon are great for selling or buying products. With easy access to thousands of stores they will also ship your purchase straight to your door step.
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