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The Persian Empire

No description

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of The Persian Empire

The Persian Empire
The Empire at its Height
The Start of the Persian Empire
Contributions of the Persian Empire
New militaristic style
New format of government for an empire
New networks of roads connecting entire empire
New papyrus writing techniques
Religion of the Persian Empire
Prophet: Zoroaster
Holy Book: the Avesta
Training for next life
Earth is always balancing between good and evil
Believe in a final judgement day, after which the earthly world will cease to exist
Overall Timeline of Events
Major Rulers of the Persian Empire
King Cyrus II (559-530)
King Cambyses (530-522)
King Darius (522-486)
King Xerxes I (486-465)
The Greco-Persian Wars
The Fall of the Persian Empire
Works Cited

Started in 550 BC
Moved outward from where Iran is today
Also known as the Achaemenid Empire
First anesthetic procedure
First caesarian section
First postal system
Persian carpets!

Kings and the center of the empire were weak
Alexander saw his chance and attacked in 331
Aramaic is replaced by Greek as official language
Rebellion in Ionia is supported by Greeks in 499
Darius attacks in 490 and loses
Xerxes attacks in 480 and loses
550-330 B.C.
Anna, Hayley, Shelby, and Hope

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