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CSE Mystery Shopping

Customer Service Excellence presentation for 30 May to 3 June 2011. [Mystery Shopping]

Lim Jung Hao

on 2 June 2011

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Transcript of CSE Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping... At Uniqlo! Hmm.. Overall, the experience there is positive We feel welcomed by the staffs.
External and Internal areas of the store were clean.
Price were stated clearly on price tags.
The staffs were polite and helpful.
Short queuing time.
They referred me to another store when the products is out of stock. Despite all the good points, it has bad points as well... The staff at the checkout point is inexperienced. Recommendations for improvements Uniqlo should ensure that their staffs knows what they should do.
The staffs should encourage feedbacks from customers.
There should be baskets to put the products at all of their outlets. What had I learn from this assignment? We must always be polite & friendly at all times.
Do not let the customer wait for too long.
A neat and tidy store also gives customers confidence.
When serving customers, we must be efficient and effective. Thank You! Done by: Lim Jung Hao Uniqlo! 24 May 2011 | 2pm | Uniqlo@Somerset Why is it positive?
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