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Don’t text while your driving

No description

fa lee

on 27 June 2014

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Transcript of Don’t text while your driving

1. What would yours say? Don’t text while your driving

2. How would it look? A big phone with a canceled sign on it

3. Now, write at least one paragraph (5 sentences or more) which explains why you thought this would make a great bumper sticker or billboard, and how it summarizes the information you learned in Module Five.
I think this would be a great billboard because Drivers need to be aware of the dangers and keep their attention on the road, not on their cell phones or other mobile devices. Also,it is important to always pay attention while driving. When a person is texting while driving their eyes are not on the road and that can cause a accedent.In module five i learned about the speed limit laws. I learned that excessive speed is the cause of many collisions and speeding and that It is important to know that the posted speed limit is the highest speed that you should drive when road conditions are good.

Module 5: Laws and Rules of the Road
Some day you might find yourself in a dangerous driving situation because of drugs, alcohol, or extreme drowsiness due to medication. Talk to a parent or guardian about what they would like for you to do if you find yourself in this situation. Answer the following questions in one or more complete sentences.

1. Explain three ways you can get home safely, without getting behind the wheel, if there are drugs or alcohol in your system.
A.Call my parents to pick me up
B.Call a cab
C.Take the bus home

2. Explain three ways you can get home safely if the friend you rode with has drugs or alcohol in his system and you prevent him from getting behind the wheel.
A. Call an adult
B. Call a taxi for him, and ride with him just in case
C. Take the wheel and drive him home

Module 6: Effects of Alcohol and Drugs

3. What would your parent/guardian want you to do?
My parents would want me to call

4. Look up and list the number of a local taxi or car service in your community. Include the company name and telephone number.

Hello Yellow Taxi Merchant verified (561) 666-9467 West Palm Beach, FL

Cheap Taxi Merchant verified (561) 293-2243 5204 Glenmoor Dr, West Palm Beach, FL

Palm Beach Taxi Merchant verified (561) 859-0702 West Palm Beach, FL

Don’t text while your driving
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