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Prison Systen

No description

Erika Hirugami

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Prison Systen

Vicious Circle
to set Free"

Bad for Local Economy
Strain Hospitals
Prison priority in water shortage
Waste management issues
80% of jobs not for people from town
Effects to the Town
Erika Hirugami, Jazmin Jimenez, Harvey Peralta, Alexis Perez
Prison Town
The Law
1 in 3 Black / 1in 6 Latino (Males) born today can expect to do time in Prison
There are more prisons than Walmarts and Education Facilities in America
have a parent
in prison
1 in 50
Black Women in American
can't vote
1 out of every 109 Women
in America is incarcerated
on parole or probation
3.6 % of all females incarcerated
in the US Prison system are HIV Positive
True Story
... and discussion
Three Strikes
Crime Bill
Welfare Reform
Higher Edu Reform
Crack Vs Cocaine
School Zone
Right to Vote
... and discussion
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