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Drinking and Driving Presentation

My essay about how drinking and driving is bad.

Rylan Foster

on 27 May 2011

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Transcript of Drinking and Driving Presentation

Car that was hit by a drunk driver "In 2011 1,139 people were arrested in Saratoga County, 40% were intoxicated when they arrived at the police station." “Most of the people were not necessary alcoholics. But most was from alcohol abuse.”(McCarty) "McCarty" (McCarty) Drinking & Driving = Fatal WHY?? Fatal injuries Jail! sickness hurting pedestrians don't do it McCarty, Lucian. "Alcoholism Series: Drinking and driving in Saratoga County." The Saratogian. The Saratogian, 13 March 2011. Web. 15 Mar 2011.http://saratogian.com/articles/2011/03/13/news/doc.txt Three Children Killed in Miami Drunk Driving Car Accident are Remembered During Triple Funeral ." Troop & Ameen; P.A. Florida Injury Attorney Blog , 09 Feburary 2009. Web. 16 Mar 2011.http://www.floridainjuryattorneyblog.com Hope, Jenny. "Why drinking is bad for you until your mid-30s ." Mail Online. Associated Newspaper Ltd, !7 March 2011. Web. 17 Mar 2011.http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-130020/Why-drinking-bad-mid-30s.html Cited “women should limit their drinking to one unit a day up to the age 40.”
(HOPE) Bad For YOU and YOUR Health Blood Alcohol Content Dont Do It! Don't D.U.I Don't D.U.I Don't D.U.I bad for YOU My prezi is about reaching out to people so they willn't drink and drive. It's also for kids to see whats will happen in the future is you drink and drive.Also it 's so you don't drink and drive, and for you to make the right choices. Thanks for watching and I hope you see what drinking and driving can do to YOU! Also I hope you know that it is bad
for your health Jail "McCarty" Because it's bad for you! Works of Drunk Driving Deaths Rylan Foster Mrs. Telfer
5-12-11 P1 Megan69 Scenario Have you been drinking tonight??
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