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Mine Gkbs

on 24 April 2014

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whole video
"Teachers! The new generation will be your masterpiece!"
It can be a private or state school
They play games, do enjoyable activities and learn how to count
Nursery School
Children between 3 - 6 goes to nursery school
Students from 6 - 10 go to primary school for 4 years
They learn basic skills at primary school like reading, writing, simple operations in maths and about everyday life..
They have 6 classes everyday
Students at the age of 11-14 go to secondary school
They have 6 classes a day
They study basic skills like Maths, Science, Turkish, Foreign Languages, History, PE., ICT., etc..
It lasts for 4 years.
570.000 classroom in Turkey are being equipped with interactive whiteboards and internet.
Each student and teacher will be given a tablet pc within 3 years.
Students at the age of 15-18 go to high schools
After the primary and secondary education, according to their wish and of course to
the total marks of their exam results, they may choose to study at;

General High Schools Anatolian High Schools
Vocational High Schools Science High Schools.

Besides basic academic skills; liberal education, the awareness of social problems and their solutions, the consciousness of citizenship are also important parts of high school education.
They last for 4 years
The project started in 2012 and aims to equip all the classrooms of Turkey with high technology
There are 53 state and 26 foundation universities in Turkey
Approximately 1.600 000 students enter the university examination per year in Turkey. 630,000 students get a chance to enroll any faculty, four or two - year college and open university according to their points.
2.073.428 students are studying at these universities at the moment.
Universities bring up the ultimate manforce and the staff wanted for the scientific research.
Special children are educated either
pre-school or at the school time according to their ages in Turkey.
They are educated according to their needs.
They are integrated with the society, and they can have a job at the end.
There a lot of public education centers where people from any age can receive different types of education.
The New School Term in Turkey started in 2012 and with the new term starts a new Education System in Turkey which has been called the 4+4+4 system.
This system extends compulsory schooling from 8 years to 12 years.
The schooling years also sees the introduction of vocational classes starting at 5th year. Children and Parents can
choose from a list of classes.
The New Education System in Turkey 4+4+4
Education in Turkey is governed by a national system which was established in accordance with the Atatürk Reforms after the Turkish War of Independence.
The purpose of primary and secondary education is to ensure that every Turkish child acquires the basic knowledge, skills, behaviors, and habits to become a good citizen, is raised in line with the national moral concepts and is prepared for life and for the next education level parallel to his/her interests and skills.
Anatolian High Schools
These were established for the purpose of teaching students at least one foreign language, which they can utilize to further their education in the best possible manner.

Science High Schools
They give 4- year education on the fields of Science and Mathematics.

Vocational High Schools
The programmes in these lycees include training in computers, electricity courses, journalism, construction, mechanics, remote control methods, electronics in medicine, aircraft engines and architecture etc.

Thank you...

Sakarya Secondary
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