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Resumes 101: ZTA, DKE, and Kappa Sig

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Randi Levitt

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of Resumes 101: ZTA, DKE, and Kappa Sig

Work Experience Format
Employer/Organization, City, State
Position titles, Dates
Cashier, Miami University Dining Services--Oxford, OH
Waitress, Kona Bistro--Oxford, OH
Power Phrases
On-Campus Involvement & Volunteer Experience
Should you include it?
One or two short sentences
Tells employer what you are looking for
Tailor for each position
Miami University, Oxford, Ohio
Bachelor of Arts,
May 20xx
Major: Political Science
Minor: Psychology
Cumulative GPA: 3.47/4.00; Dean's List, five semesters
Luxembourg Summer 2014- Farmer School of Business Study Abroad


of a resume
of a resume
of a resume
Resumes 101
The position:
A position as a social worker providing services for the aged.

The field:
Desire a position in the social service field working with youth.

Your skills:
A position using my counseling, research, and proposal writing skills.
Volunteer, Kramer Elementary School--Oxford, OH
Taught nutrition education to 3rd graders.
Implemented a pilot program as part of a team to encourage 100-150 students to eat breakfast.
ZTA, KA, DKE, and Kappa Sig
What is the Purpose of a Resume?
To get an interview!

You do this by showcasing your knowledge, skills, and experience related to the position

No typos or errors!
10 seconds!
Well organized
Reader friendly
Your resume is a marketing and branding tool
Specific projects
Leadership experience
Academic achievements
Practical work experience
Components of a Resume
Objective; Summary of Qualifications (case by case basis)
Work Experience
Campus Involvement/Volunteer Work
Randi Levitt

1. Be efficient in your use of space. The header to the right uses one less line.

2. Target your resume, starting with the objective if necessary.
3. Include your GPA if it is above a 3.0.
4. Use formatting (underline, bold, italics) to highlight and breakup your resume.
5. Use the correct tense for verbs. Do not use "ing".
6. Do not use abbreviations for organizations or titles.
7. Start with stronger and more descriptive action verbs.
8. Quantify your experiences by providing results or using numbers.
9. Use white space effectively; ask yourself if the page looks balanced.
Summary of Qualifications
An alternative to objective
Personal Values
Work Ethic
Support to be included in the body of your resume
High-performing, actively involved Management & Leadership student who exhibits enthusiasm, determination, and commitment in both educational and professional interests.
Polished communicator with a strong ability to motivate others towards success.
Creative, analytical thinker with adroitness for reconstructing ideas that yield positive results.

Summary of Qualifications-Example
Work Experience
Volunteer Experience
Student Jobs
Paid or Unpaid
Research Experience
Managed a lawn care business in Dayton and surrounding communities.
Launched commercial and residential lawn care business from initial $1,500 to an average revenue of $45,000 per season.
Action Verbs
Responsible for
Helped with
Worked with
Assisted with
Honors and Awards
Merit-based scholarship
Research Grant
Academic Honors
Community Services Awards
Leadership Awards
One page
Fill the page, but manage white space
Normal type face (e.g. Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri)
Font size, 10-12
Resume paper (white, off-white, tan, or light grey)
Always PDF
Greek Terminology
Pledge Process
New Member
New Member Process
Active Member
Terms to Incorporate (if applicable):
Budget Allocation, Chapter Reporting, Community Service, National Policies, Philanthropy, Recruitment, Risk Management
Collaborate, Coordinate, Delegate, Enforce, Fundraise, Implement, Lead, Organize, Plan, Serve, Sponsor, Volunteer
Action Verbs (if applicable):
Greek Action Statements
Interviewed 13 candidates for executive board elections
Coordinated three fundraisers to raise $5,565 for breast cancer education and awareness
Developed and delivered a workshop for 5o chapter members on risk management policies and procedures
Organized fraternity homecoming reunion for 150 alumni
Led a chapter of 160 women and managed all programming and activities
Oversaw three directors and a committee of 15 members
Distributed budget of $12,000 among operating costs, programming, events, and recruitment events
Recruited 35 new members and managed new member process
Attended weekly chapter meetings and participate in monthly community service events at a local soup kitchen
Designed and maintained fraternity website to keep current members and alumni up to date on programming
Led chapter meetings, communicate with University officials, and file reports with national headquarters
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