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Krakatau Volcano Eruption - 1883

Information on the Eruption in Indonesia, 1883

Shan Shan Tu

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of Krakatau Volcano Eruption - 1883

On August 27th, at 5:07, the first of these violent explosions begun. A black cloud of ash was initially observed. It rose 27 meters above Krakatau. On the next day, three more violent eruptions occurred. The huge explosion ended in four eruptions. It was the last explosion at that blew away two-thirds of the island. The explosion was followed by the collapse of the unsupported volcanic chambers, generating fatal tsunami waves as high as 37 meters. By Shan Shan Tu 8E -Introduction- -Cause of the Eruption- -Distant Effect- After the eruption, average global temperature fell by as much as 1.2 degree Celsius. Weather patterns continued to be chaotic for years, and temperatures didn't return normal until 1888. The eruption darken the sky for many years and produced red spectacular sunsets throughout the world for many months. The detailed drawn red sky shown in The famous painting "The Scream" was an accurate description after the eruption. Krakatau is a island located in Indonesia, It erupted and exploded on the 27th of August, 1883. Resulting in a massive tsunami and killed over 30,000 lives. More than 160 coastal villages were wiped out. After the eruption, two-thirds of the island was destroyed. The explosion was considered to be the loudest in recorded history. The cause of the eruption was because gas builds up in the magma chamber until there were too much pressure, the gas had to escape somehow, so it went through the volcano. Since the magma in the Volcano has a very silica content, which flows very slowly, and takes a lot of force to move. So when it erupted, it had a very explosive eruption. The eruption was so powerful and violent that they were heard about 3,110km away in Perth, Australia and the island of Rodrigues, 4800km away. Also, ships as far away as South Africa rocked as tsunamis hit them. Bodies of victim have been found floating in the ocean for months after the event. Some large pieces of volcanic rock had been found years after the eruption with animal and human skeletons
attached to it. Krakatau Volcano Eruption - 1883 - What happened - -Map of the World- -Global Climate and Optical Affect- -THE END- -Human Impact- - 36,417 deaths
- 165 villages destroyed
- Two third of the island destroyed
- Loudest explosion in the history SOURCE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1883_eruption_of_Krakatoa
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