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Gary Sleath

No description

izzy watson

on 10 March 2016

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Transcript of Gary Sleath

Gary Sleath updated his status
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2day we spent 2 hours warding off a goddamn snake.
we mobbed 'im showed 'im me genitals, strutted me stuff, did some jerky movements and swayed me body to the sweet sound of Jeff's screeching
We marmosets love 2 work 2geva
Love you guys @Jeff_Robertson @Alice_Marmo @Fredrick_Watson
Gary Sleath shared a Link
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making clicking sounds
finding food
hiding from the bad guys
using lower canines- to drill tree bark and get
rotating my head 180 degrees
that sweet sweet sap - my fave

learnt all my parenting skills from Auntie Brenda
my family taught me to trill
Lives In
Peru - in tha jungle
Baby Pygmy Marmoset
Gary Sleath shared a Photo
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Gary Sleath
A Wacky Presentation by The Izzys
LOL @Digby_Washington getting groomed by someone else oh his holiday 2 tha Zoo @Wanda_Washington might not be so pleased eh!!

(Pygmy Marmoset)
Sleath jr. has been babbling all day, anyone understand kids these days?
i got that ultra sonic going on

Don't mess with my stable troop of 6

I'm the dominant male don't come @me

got a bunch o'kidz w. ma main lady Penelope (the breeder)

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