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Present Simple VS Present Continuous

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Jennifer Mc Mahon

on 16 November 2016

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Transcript of Present Simple VS Present Continuous

Present Simple
We use the present simple to talk about repeated actions or permanent situations in the present:
Use the present simple and continuous to take your partner on a (pretend) tour of your house/school/favourite place.
Present Continuous
We use the present continuous to talk about actions happening now or around the present time :
Present Simple VS Present Continuous
- I always travel to work by car.
- I live in Madrid. I sometimes play football on Sundays.
To express the idea an action is repeated or usual
We use the present simple for:
daily routines and things we always/sometimes/never do.
Sally sometimes reads the newspaper.
- She eats fruit everyday
- I play tennis every sunday
- Im learning English at the moment.

- I live in Ireland, but I'm staying in Badalona this week.
Only verbs of action can be used in continuous form E.G. I'm working, she's singing, etc.
Present simple and present continuous
1. Where _______ (you/live)?
2. Be quiet! Paula _____(study) for her exam.
3. Don't turn off the radio. I ______(listen) to it.
4. Tom_____(work) as an architect for a large firm in London. This month his company ______ (design) a new office building for one of it's main clients.

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