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Deforestation in Brazil

No description

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Deforestation in Brazil

Amazon Rain Forest in Brazil

Deforestation (In Brazil)
Forests being cut down by soybean producers, loggers, and cattle ranchers to make human resources
Often done illegally

selective harvesting
tree farms- reforest
limit amount of deforestation
DETER- System for detection of illegal deforestation
How Deforestation Affects the Carbon Cycle:
consume huge amount of the world’s Carbon Dioxide and release Oxygen in return
trees cut down less trees there are less amount of Carbon Dioxide that is produced produced gets taken out of the atmosphere by those trees and less oxygen put back in

rainforest next to Amazon river
Brazil is home to 60% of earths amazon rainforest
home to more species than any other land ecosystem
lungs of our planet
absorbs 65% of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
average temperature of 80 degrees

Ways This Has Altered the Natural System:
What Is the Amazon Rainforest?
figure #1: Soy Field

loss of homes for animals and indigenous people
floods and changes in climate
affects many life webs
The Golden Lion Tamarin:
mainly live in trees (reason why affected by deforestation)
endangered species
its mane is very much valued
secondary consumer
Producers- trees,
shrubs and
other plants
Primary Consumers-
Butterfly, and other insects

Secondary Consumers-
Golden Lion Tamarin,
Agouti, Tapir, Sloth, Toucan
Decomposers-Mushrooms, Insects,
Figure #2: Trophic Pyramid
Problems Caused:
Climate Change
Tertiary Consumers-
Jaguar, Boa Constrictor
Adaptations of the Golden Lion Tamarin:
sleeps in trees to stay away from predators
long and narrow hands used to probe for insects hiding under tree bark or under leaves and such
Possible resolution:
compete for food
compete for territory in trees
Competition Between the Golden Lion Tamarin and the Spider Monkey
By. Nicole Pugh
Works Cited:
Figure #3:

figure #4:
figure #5
natural disaster
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