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WWTA Chapter 5 - For

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Matt Ritchie

on 11 May 2013

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Transcript of WWTA Chapter 5 - For

Chapter 5: "For" JESUS 5 Words About God "...what I've seen again and again is people who want lives of meaning and peace and significance and joy - people who have a compelling sense that their spirituality is in some vital and yet mysterious way central to who they are - but who can't find meaning in the dominant conceptions, perceptions, and understandings of God they've encountered." Do you know anyone like this? WHAT WE TALK ABOUT WHEN WE TALK ABOUT GOD OPEN BOTH WITH FOR AHEAD What it means to be kissed "Immanuel" - We see the god who bears the full brunt of our freedom
- In the resurrection a new era in human consciousness begins
- Death does not get the last word
- This is why we are moved by soul music, stories of vulnerability
- Why we cheer for the underdogs BUT...images and words about God are NOT God. 1. It is shocking how many people see God as being AGAINST things, rather than FOR us.
2. The Christian faith is about God EMBODIED (word to flesh, not flesh to word).
3. At the heart of Jesus' message is the call to become the kind of person who is FOR everyone (especially people who aren't Christians)
4. We're all addicts. We all need recovery. Jesus heals us by reminding us of who we really are. "God, according to Jesus, is for us because God loves us.

...this is rather straightforward and simple, and yet ask average people on the street what the first thing is that comes to mind when they hear the word 'Christian,' and it's tragic how few will mention something about the revolutionary news at the heart of Jesus' message: that God is for us." Why is this? Jesus is God in the flesh, so Jesus shows us what God is like So...God is for...
- the nobodies
- the pathetic
- the lame
- the not-good-enoughs The MISCONCEPTION is that if we get BETTER...
- moral
- disciplined
- "spiritual"
- kind
- courageous
...THEN we would be accepted, embraced, validated by GOD. BUT God doesn't wait on us to get better. Instead, God is with us in our despair, failure, sin, and weakness,

"Being a good person, then, naturally flows not from trying to get on God's good side but from your realization that God has been on your side the whole time." Why does the "try to get on God's good side" approach fail?
Why does this one work? "This was a BS-free zone!" "The dusty, messy, bloody, and unexpected stories about Jesus...who [goes] to the edges, to the margins, to those in trouble..." He also CONFRONTS the system that creates those conditions and provokes those who control and profit from those systems. "Have you experienced this? You tried to do some new work, project, initiative...and you kept running into a brick wall of resistance. You saw a need...only to encounter and be beaten down by those with a vested interest in things remaining exactly as they are." "The last word about us and our struggle has not yet been spoken." How is this different from the teachings that promise prosperity right now? Do you think it is a better perspective?
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