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"BIG" Ideas of American Government

No description

Carrei Moix

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of "BIG" Ideas of American Government

"BIG Ideas of American Governemnt
English Bill of Rights
Helped establish the idea of self-government and majority rule.

Virginia Statue of Religious Freedom (written by Thomas Jefferson)

Magna Carta
Limited government: Even the king has to follow the rules!!!


Protected the rights of English citizens.

Promoted the separation of
church and state

1st written CONSTITUTION in the colonies
more people were allowed to vote and made the
government more representative
Gave all men the right to vote (even non church going!)

John Locke
Philosopher of Enlightenment
Popular sovereignty
Natural rights
Social contact
Separation of church and state

Virginia House of Burgesses
Declaration of Independence
Thomas Jefferson
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