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Discourse aspects os interlanguage

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Caroline Milanezi

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Discourse aspects os interlanguage

Discourse Aspects of Interlanguage
Acquiring Discourse Rules

Ways in which native speakers hold conversations;

How Americans speakers does compliments x L2 learners;

There is a growing body of research investigating learner discourse;
Input and Interaction in L2A
People DO influence the L1 learner in some way;

Ungrammatical Foreigner Talk- deletion of some grammar features ;

Grammatical Foreigner Talk- explain fully and exceed elaborate use of the language;

Negotiation of meaning;

Output in L2A
Does output plays any part in interlanguage development?

Conflicting opinions:

Krashen: “speaking is the result of aquisition not its cause”;

Merrill Swain has argued that comprehensible output also plays a part in L2 acquisition
Comprehensible input;

Interaction hypothesis;

Negative Evidence;


Zone of proximal development;

Interpersonal activity;
Social factors do not impact directly on what goes on inside the “black box”;

The study of learner discourse in SLA has been informed by two rather different goals: First, how L2 learners acquire de “rules” of discourse that inform native- speaker language use, second, shows how interaction shapes interlanguage development
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