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Understanding Fiction

No description

Bonita Gonzalez

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Understanding Fiction

Understanding Fiction
Origins of Modern Fiction
Oral Traditions
illiterate society used songs (poems) to tell stories
literary devices made it easier to remember and retell
Epics are long poems that were eventually written down
-heroic figure determines the fate of a large group
-vast setting
-often, divine beings participate in the action

The Romance replaced the epic. It was first written in verse and then in prose.
History of the Novel
Precursor to the novel: Epics and Romances

Johannes Gutenberg : Invented the printing press in 1440
-made the Renaissance possible

Daniel Defoe: given credit for the 1st novel, Robinson Crusoe, 1719

Novels reflected the times -
-Victorian Era in England vs. United States as a growing country
- Realism
-Modernism, The Great American Novel
- Contemporary Fiction - influenced by globalization & rise of tech

History of the Short Story
Precursors: anecdotes, parables, fables, folk tales, & fairy tales
Obvious theme/moral
move directly to their conclusions
setting is not in any specific time or place, "Once upon a time..."

An "American" Literary Form?
pop culture?---magazines & journals
Defining the Short Story
Because the short story is...well, short...it has certain limitations.
limited number of characters
begins close to the height of the action (climax)
develops characters by showing their reactions to events
- dynamic

Ernest Hemingway's
"Hills Like White Elephants"
Boundaries of Fictions
longer than a short story but shorter than a novel.
greater character development than a short story.

Short-Short Story
under 1500 words

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