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East Coast College Tour Summer 2011

Convince parents to let me go on East Coast College tour.Summer 2011

Taylor Dawkins

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of East Coast College Tour Summer 2011

East Coast College Tour Colleges to See
Northeastern University
Boston University
Boston College
Turfs University
Brown University
Fairfield University
Columbia University
Fordham University
Barnard College
New York University
Sarah Lawrence College
University of Pennsylvania
Drexel University
Temple University
Swarthmore College
Bryn Mawr College
Villanova University
American University
University of Maryland
Georgetown University
George Washington University

East Coast College Tour with Group flight:$2,675
Students choosing this option will fly to and from the East Coast on chaperoned flights from the San Francisco Bay Area. East Coast College Tour without Group flight:$2,185
Students choosing this option will meet the tour on the first day in Boston and end their trip in Washington, D.C. Grades 10th-12th 10-14 schools in 6-7 days Big Cities visited
New York City
Washinton D.C
Providence,Rhode Island

Fundraising Ideas?
Do nails for $$
Wash windows
Paper route(If we have one)
Ask family memebers for donation
Housecleaning Why?
It would be a good oppurtunity for me to see out-of-state colleges.Plus, I want to go on an out-of-state trip of some kind.And,you will think it's better than sending my across the globe to Italy(:
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