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Autobiographical Narrative Introduction

This is an introduction to writing autobiographical narratives for the students of English 9 & 10 at San Pasqual Academy.

Natalie Priester

on 13 July 2010

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Transcript of Autobiographical Narrative Introduction

to tell a story abou a meaningful experience in your life Reflection
Controlling Impression
Final Thought Autobiographical
Narrative Prompts English 9
Describe a challenge you overcame.

English 10
Analyze a significant event in your life. Introduction Paragraph Engaging Opening
Background Information
Hint at the Meaning dos:
tell an anecdote (short story)
use a quotation from someone in your life

state controlling impression
ask a question
Narrative Purpose:
retell a story about a significant experience in your life provide relevant information needed to understand the rest of the narrative make a statment that hints at the controlling impression, but do not state it

Why would someone want to read a story after they know the ending? Body Paragraphs One story is broken into four parts told in chronologial order:
events occur within specific times and places
specific actions and movements are described
vivid images are created using concrete sensory details
people's character and appearances are described
author's thoughts and feelings are revealed explain how you presently view the experience clearly summarize the meaning of the entire experience

At first I ____, but afterward I ____. I realized ____. Created by:
Natalie Priester

Based on Holt Literature & Language Arts: Third Course Conclusion Paragraph give a brief and meaningful conclusion to the paper

you may want to make a reference to your engagning opening
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