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Design a Plant for a Habitat Project

No description

skyler johnson

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Design a Plant for a Habitat Project

Plant Design desert plant death valley name raiz que sa adentra it means root that goes deep in spanish it only rains 4.9 cms each year it is so hot the stomatas only open at night when evaporation is at a minimum it has a thick outer layer nutrients supported in the leaves
it is called this beacause its roots go more than 14 feet under ground but it is only 2 feet tall. germination gerimantion insect comes and drinks
necter bumping anther causing pollen grain to fall on to stigma
pollen travels through
style to eggs seed is produced and a fruit is produced to protect it
fruit is eaten by animal then is
moved and released in the form of scat seed produces root s for 2 weeks then breaks seface with leaf
stem comes out and seed coat comes off plant grows to maturity and cycle repeats roots go deep to absorb all water as posible its flowers and fruit can be made into tea that
cures tooth achs, but everything else is poisonis
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