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How can language show that one person has more authority and others less?

Year 10 Lesson

Becki Tompkins

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of How can language show that one person has more authority and others less?

Lesson 7 Studying spoken language What? ACTIVATE How can language show that one person has more authority and others less?
All will IDENTIFY language features in a non-technical transcript

Some should will APPLY your knowledge of language and authority to this transcript

Most could begin to ANALYSE the way language is used to convey authority by different speakers in this transcript.
HOW All will analyse a transcript as part of the end of unit assessment.

Most should aim to achieve their MTG.

Some could achieve higher than their MTG.

WHY Can you write down definitions for the following words?

- Authority
- Register
- Interruptions
- Hedges
- Pauses/fillers RELATE We will be watching a video from 'The Apprentice'.

The question for your final piece will be:

In this extract from ‘Junior Apprentice’ explain how language is used to assert authority in the boardroom. Who uses language most effectively to demonstrate their power in this situation.
DEMONSTRATE Watch the clip again. This time you have a non-technical transcript in front of you.

Follow the conversation and add in any features that you think are missing (e.g. length of pause)

Underline or highlight any utterances that seem significant as you watch, listen and read.
Utterance: A spoken word, statement or vocal sound. DEMONSTRATE Context (Introduction)
Answer these questions Explain how their usage conveys authority or lack of authority Hedges
Incomplete utterances
Replacement of words
Nicknames and address terms Hesitation and pauses
False starts
Phatic communication
Courtesy items Features of Spoken Language
In pairs re-read the transcript and identify any of the following features DEMONSTRATE Based on your research this lesson you need to evaluate the power and authority of individuals in the boardroom based on the language that they use
Create a Power Pyramid with the person with the most authority on the top and the person with the least on the bottom.

Include specific examples from the transcript and your analysis of their language use.
FEEDBACK WHAT How can language show that one person has more authority and others less?
CONSOLIDATE Pick any one of the participants in the boardroom and create a PEE paragraph to explain one feature of language that they use to assert their power, authority and control over others.


UNDERSTAND how spoken language can vary
EXPLAIN WHY spoken language can vary
OBSERVE & EVALUATE variation in your language and others’ language

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